The Ink Forge Games, Day One

DSC_0136DSC_0135So I’ve just gotten home from the first day of the Ink Forge Games here in Auckland. James and I got there around about the opening time to find people either set up or setting up. We had a quick browse around the stalls and entered a couple of competitions: a mystery game scavenger hunt and guess the dice in the dice jar.

Then we settled in to playing our friend Corey’s game, Tombstone. It’s a Wild West Role Playing Game of his own design, and we found it really fun! I felt that the mechanics were nicely designed towards the genre we were playing in. I got to play 2 characters, which was fun: 20150124_114225the holy roller, and the gambler, who I decided was a prostitute from the saloon. James was an Indian brave who was pretty angry at “Whitey” in general (and he ended up riding off into the sunset with Delilah the whore). The other guy we played with was the Clint Eastwood type of folk hero. You can see my two 20150124_100952character sheets lying on top of the rule book in the picture to the left, and to the right is the map of the town. Guess what! We managed to resolve everything peacefully, and no one died, although a few people got shot! But it wouldn’t have been a western without that.



Next, we entered more competitions to win games. We had to solve the Tantrix challenge, which was pretty easy. Then we played “Goblins Drool, Faeries Rule”, and I think we will have to pick up a copy of that because it was wonderful! We’ve looked at it before and thought “rhyming game? that sounds dumb” but actually it was a pretty cool mechanic and there was a lot more strategy to the game than we originally imagined. After that we played “MAXIMUM THROWDOWN” (I had to yell that out really loud in order to be the first player, James was too chicken, but everyone in the con thought I was weird after that) which is just plain silly. The main mechanic of the game is throwing cards. Let’s just say, we’re not really good at aiming, so the game was a little hard for us. “Agent Hunter” was the final competition game we played, and actually had a fair amount of strategy to it. It just took us a while to understand that. And I lost, because I made some reeeeeally dumb mistakes.


Finally we stopped downstairs to do some shopping. We stopped by the Edo Jidai stand to pick up a copy. It’s locally made (the creator and his son are pictured above) and we’ve been meaning to pick up a copy ever since we first saw it at Armageddon Expo last year. If you want to find out more, go to We’ll tell you more about it when we play it!

We also stopped to buy a few comics from the New Zealand Comics and Collectibles stand. You can find them at

So to finish, here is picture of all our radswag from today. Oh dear… Much of this is second hand. We got: Legend of the Burning Sands TCG, Star Trek TCG, Harry Potter TCG, 2 D&D books, 3 Legend of the Five Rings Books and 2 boxes, 7th Sea TCG, Wars TCG booster pack, bag and t-shirt, 3 Dragonlance comics, a Victorian costume pattern, Vampire Bloodlines PC Game, Edo Jidai, 2 free d20s, and GASP!!!! The Ghostbusters RPG!!

20150124_170018(0)I’ll be reporting again tomorrow to let you know how our first ever playtest of Long White Cloud goes!

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