The Ink Forge Games, Day Two


So, day two was pretty good! Not as much swag as yesterday, cos we spent a lot of money yesterday, but we did get in two playtests of our RPG Long White Cloud. It went pretty well! Between the two playtests we made a couple of rules changes and things went more smoothly. Also we took turns GMing. Over all we’re happy with the system. We tried to put choice into the system because we believe choice is a good thing in RPGs, but we think we could make it simpler still. There were a few too many choices. But the core mechanics are solid. After a break, we’ll formulate more goals for this system and our creative work in general. But we need a break of about 24 hours I think!

20150125_181729And our swag: James bought 8 D&D minis, the Lord of the Rings The Two Towers CCG, and we won Maximum Throwdown!!! We’ll have to demo it sometime.

Really looking forward to the associated gaming con, Battlecry, next month!

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