D&D: Into the Robe


Today’s episode: https://archive.org/details/SBGPlaysDDIntoTheRobe

Today’s episode of D&D is just a one hour one-off, in which James improvises a little quest for me so I can create my first uncommon magical item, the Robe of Useful Items. Combat-light, I really enjoyed this one! Here’s what ended up on the robe:

2x dagger
2x bullseye lantern
2x steel mirror
2x 10-foot pole
2x 50-foot rope
2x sack
a riding horse with saddlebags
a silver coffer worth 500 gold
a 24-foot long wooden ladder
20 gems worth 100 gold each
a portable ram
a 10-foot cubed pit
a 10×10-foot iron door
a 2×4-foot window


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