Nostalgia Lane: Pika pika!

Awesome news for Pokemon fans: I (Claire) am making James play Pokemon Yellow. See, he missed out on the Pokemon craze when it first swept through the English speaking world. He was a couple of years too old for it. But finally, perhaps through my nagging, or through meme saturation, or through the fact that I got a Pokemon pyjama shirt the other day, I convinced him to play!


The current line-up

He’s been regaling our facebook friends with tales of his journeys:


I’ve been feeling very nostalgic about games for a little while. Currently I’m playing Final Fantasy IX (maybe I’ll write a little bit about that soon 🙂 ) and the other day I went to the best little store I never knew about before… it’s called Vinyl Destination, and it’s in Birkenhead, Auckland. If you’re in town, you should definitely drop by. It’s like getting into a time machine back to the ’90s. We came away with House of M and World War Hulk for $10 and $6 respectively (a total steal!) and the Star Trek TNG VHS game!!! We’ll have to let you know what it’s like after we’ve played it. But seriously, this store had old segas in it, MAD magazines, it was just awesome!

So what are you nostalgic for? And are you able to play it still, or is it impossible to find now?


One thought on “Nostalgia Lane: Pika pika!

  1. James – On the same topic of nostalgia, I think it’s fascinating how companies use nostalgia. As a big Dungeons and Dragons fan, I think it’s interesting how the current edition is pretty much all about the nostalgia, even nostalgia for things that are pretty old: their first release for the new edition had a major tie-in to Pool of Radiance, a computer game from 1988. That’s some pretty old nostalgia! They’ve done re-makes or tie-ins to the old Baldur’s Gate series of games, to the Drizzt books (I’m not sure if that counts as nostalgia, given how popular those things still are), to Dragonlance and Temple of Elemental Evil and to Night Below. The last one, from 1995, is about the most modern thing they’ve referenced!


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