The Festival of the Blazing Sun – The Curse of Dirwin: the Outback Druid in Ravenloft, part.3

Day Six

Waking up, I went down to the common room of the inn to get breakfast, only to find Karl and Nikolai, the two sons of Lady Wachter, waiting to greet and thank me. They were drunk, so as soon as I could I became a spider and crept away. Instead I took food in my room and spoke to each of my companions. I tried to teach Radovan that what was happening today was a mistake and I wasn’t proud of what I’d done, but I only did it to protect Ireena, and I never meant to start a riot. I don’t know if he got what I was trying to say. I also spoke to Ireena and Donavich to let them know that I plan to go alone to Strahd tonight, and what they should do if I fail to return.

We went out into the town and found out from a gossipy villager that Lady Wachter had salvaged a strange mirror from the ruins of the burgomeister’s mansion. So I went back to the inn and talked to the brothers. They were drunk, so not only did they give away the mirror’s salvage but they said it was their mother’s book club who did it. Before leaving the inn again I settled the tab with the innkeepers and talked to them, apologising for the mess I’d made of the town. I was regretting not chasing up Ricktavio’s clues about wereravens, so I started dropping hints about ravens to them, mentioning the strange behaviour of the various ravens I had met. It seemed to pique their interest a little but they gave nothing away.

I left the inn and wandered to the town square where I saw the whole of the burgomeister’s family – him, wife and son – inside the wicker sun. They were being mistreated. I tried to speak to the son and get a measure of the man, but it was difficult with a nosy guard right beside us. So I wrote a note to Lady Wachter asking her to hand over the son also to my custody, as I needed someone with his skills. I delivered that note to her servant, though I shall never know if it was delivered.

At high noon it was time for the festival of the Blazing Sun. We were all gathered, and we made sure that the four of us were close to the stage to receive the baroness and hopefully her son. But, as I should have guessed, Lady Wachter went back on her promise and said she was going to kill them all, and the sun was set on fire.


I couldn’t help myself. I summoned an army of almost 200 ravens – such was my anger that I pulled off something I had never thought to do before – and we attacked the stage. Ireena ran to cut down the sun, getting burned herself, while I rushed the stage and in the form of a multitude of poisonous snakes – another thing which happened out of instinct more than thought – I attacked Lady Wachter and her sons. The guards were harried by my ravens, and Donavich and Radovan attacked from a distance. It turns out my choice of ravens was wise, because the Wereravens of Vallaki revealed themselves – four of them, the innkeeping family – joined the battle. So did Lady Wachter’s book club, a group of demon worshippers, and her personal imp. Soon I had killed Lady Wachter in my rage, and at that point her imp scampered, seeing no profit for himself out of remaining. Then Ireena managed to cut down the cage and it fell on the Wachter boys, killing them. I swarmed over to help the wereravens while my flock continued to distract the amassed guards. Donavich helped to stabilise the baroness and her son, but it was too late for the deposed burgomeister. After the death of one of the wereravens, the son of the innkeepers, we finished off the cultists of the book club and Ireena managed to convince the guards to stop fighting. 

In the chaos we quickly took control of the situation, placing control in the hands of the priest of Vallaki and making a council for his regency to help guide the town back to stability. I think this is the best way forward. I donated the treasures I found in the Wachter mansion, as well as over a thousand gold of my own, to sustain the regency and help rebuild Vallaki’s governmental control. Also going into the care of the church was the baroness, her son, and Lady Wachter’s insane daughter. Also from the Wachter mansion, there were artifacts of demon worship, which I destroyed, and I found the mirror. I looked into it, and while analysing saw a shadowy figure walking towards me through it, so I smashed it just to be safe. Also I found a lead-lined box of bones… I took that straight to the church. Unfortunately the wereravens have had to go into hiding… however they promised me help should I go to the mill and take on the witches there. Hopefully I can repair my relationship with them someday.

All that’s left today is to decide whether I travel now to dine with Strahd…


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