And we’re back! : The Curse of Dirwin: the Outback Druid in Ravenloft, part.7

Finally, after a break that seemed to last forever, though it was very fun, we’re back in business. It was a shorter session than most as James is recovering from illness, but he managed to keep up enough energy to run this much…

Day Nineteen

After a few days of milling, we returned to Vallaki not only with a cart of fine white flour, but several baked goods that Ireena and Katarina have put together. Everything was so popular that we soon sold out and made a killing in profits! An unexpected success in our first business venture.

Perhaps what helped us was the fact that it was election day in Vallaki. Everything went very well and I didn’t need to summon any ravens, thank goodness. But that night I had to visit Strahd again. We had a pleasant dinner and I gave him the bestiary which I had finally managed to finish in the peaceful last few days.

He had some unexpected news for me: he plans to leave Barovia and wishes me to become the master of the land. I felt many strange feelings at that moment, but happily I can say, I felt, and still feel, no real ambition to such a station. However, I am all about making people’s lives better, so I decided to say I would try to help him. He suspects there may be a clue in Kresk as to how he can escape this land. It turns out he too is a prisoner here. When I went home and told the others of this strange conversation, Radovan raised a very interesting question: if Strahd is imprisoned here too, then who is the jailer?

Some time before dawn– I was just finishing my diary entry when suddenly I heard a noise from the next room. It was Ireena, who woke with a fright. She had a dream about Sir again. She tells me we have to go to Kresk next. Good, I was hoping we’d head that way soon. There was a moment between us… perhaps I’m reading too much into it. We had better get back into action. There are many problems in this land and Strahd certainly isn’t stopping to fix up a jolly little farm for himself… so I had best watch myself…

Day Twenty

We headed towards Kresk and found soon that we were followed by a mass of wolves, and yet they weren’t attacking. I spoke to them to get a gauge on them. Strahd had told them I am not to be eaten. Also he had told them to look for a woman travelling alone. So Strahd doesn’t know about Ireena yet. Good thing we’ve been using herbal concoctions to disguise her scent too.

We arrived at Kresk but not to a happy reception. Turns out the village doesn’t like adventurers… or at least, not while they don’t have wine to entertain with! So since the Wizards of Wines weren’t too far off, and we had been asked to check them out a few weeks ago, we went south.

When we got to the vineyard we got pulled aside by the family who live there, who were hiding just off the road. Turns out it is a branch of the Matakov family! They had been evicted from their house by evil druids. I took the patriarch aside and told him the bad news about the Vallaki branch of the family. He was much upset. I promised to save his vineyard from the evil druids.

We went up to scope it out, but suddenly we aroused the attention of their Needle Blight watchers! We made a dash for the vat barn, and barricaded the door behind us. There was a druid in there and she was poisoning the wine. I summoned ravens, and these were joined by natural ravens in the barn. They too were sick and tired of the invaders. Soon it was a mess – after that first druid went down, another came, and then another! Needle Blights, Twig Blights and then finally Vine Blights crashed against us in waves. We didn’t quite get to interrogate the druids as they went down in the hectic battle. Soon it was just us in the barn left alive, and a few of the ravens, absolutely flabbergasted by the fast-paced doom we had wrought on the invaders.



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