Werewolves not swearwolves: The Curse of Dirwin: the Outback Druid in Ravenloft, part.8

Day Twenty Continued

We helped the Matakovs clean up the mess we had made of the vineyard. I noticed that the vines were looking very unhealthy, dying even. I asked Stefania Matakov and she told me everything I needed to know. There had been a Wizard of Wines, a long time ago, and he had put three magic stones in the fields, each correlating to a different variety of grape. That was what made their wines so good. The first had been stolen years ago. The second had been stolen by these druids, who came from a cult down south. The third had been stolen by the scarecrow henchmen of a witch who lives in the ruins of Berez. As we escorted the vintners’ wagon to Vallaki we were attacked by the emissaries of both! But otherwise we had a peaceful night there.

Day Twenty-One

We got up to go to Krezk with the vintners’ wagon but alas, we were attacked on the road by six werewolves! Just like the ones I originally encountered in Daggerford, they were here for one purpose: to kidnap children! And that they did, running off with Radovan despite all of us fighting tooth and nail. 

Ireena, Donavich and I abandoned the vintners to their rounds and tracked the beasts to their lair. With the help of a rat I was able to find a secret entrance. Taking that, we skulked into the lair. It was a large complex of chambers, and the beasts far outnumbered us, so for now we decided that stealth was the best option. I left Ireena and Donavich in a safe hidden spot and went further in the form of a rat. A hunting party left the main hall and I snuck in. There was but one woman left alone, and she praying with her back to me, while there were eight children and Radovan locked in cages in the middle of the room. Transforming as silently as I could, I knocked the woman unconscious, though not before hearing her fervent prayer that the gods save her beloved from Strahd. A mystery for another day perhaps. Quickly as we could, and as quietly, the three of us got the children out though the secret door and on to my summoned band of horses.



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