Leader of the Pack: The Curse of Dirwin: the Outback Druid in Ravenloft, part.10

Day Twenty-Three

We were woken just after midnight to bad news: werewolves were on the way. We hadn’t even slept enough to get the energy for our spells back… we had to fight with what we had. We barricaded the doors as quickly as we could and sent the children down into the secret part of the basement.

The barricades did not hold long, but they held long enough for us to get in position in the great production hall of the vineyard, all of us lining the upper balcony walkways and me, in croc form, blocking the stairs up. I held the stairs for long enough to kill the leader and all the mere beast wolves they had brought with them. It was hard going though – I went through both of my croc forms before the intruders were dealt with, so I summoned the flocks to help us after that. We realised that two of the werewolves had snuck back out and must have been looking for the children, so Ireena and one of the wereravens rushed down to see if the children and the two wereravens who went with them were all right. They arrived just in time to see one of the werewolves attack the other! Once her rival turned tail and fled, she surrendered to us. Meanwhile upstairs the last two werewolves fighting us tried to flee, but my raven flocks harried them to death.


The adults gathered around to interview our captive. Her name was Zuleika and she was the rival of Bianca, the other were who she had attacked. Zuleika used to be the mate of the Alpha, who may be a “guest” of Strahd’s right now, unless he is dead. Bianca and Kiril, the leader I had disposed of, had been leading the pack and kidnapping children. Zuleika promised, in her earnest but violent way, that if we helped her become the leader of the pack (only three other werewolves were left back at the den), she would not attack humans, kidnap children, and would even try and leave Barovia. Donavich was not happy, but Ireena and I agreed we should give her a chance.

After a well deserved sleep we left the vineyard, stopping in Krezk for lunch. The strangest thing happened there. While lunching with the burgomeister there, the infamous Abbot came down and announced he would perform a miracle: bringing their recently dead son back to life. Bemused, Zuleika and I dug up the boy’s body, and watched with amazement as the Abbot did as he promised. The boy is alive again.

Leaving Krezk, we headed up to the den and Ireena gave Zuleika a pep talk to encourage her. When we got there, she called Bianca out for a fight to the death. It was very, very hard to watch. Zuleika started with the upper hand, but then Bianca managed to mangle one of her arms. Thankfully, Zuleika managed to land the killing blow. 

We left her to be leader of the three remaining werewolves in that pack, and took with us the one Daggerford child they had managed to convert. Donavich tried the new spell he had been inspired to pray for, one to remove the awful curse of lycanthropy. Perhaps because of his age or the recentness of his transition, the boy was saved from monstrosity. He was not happy about it, however. We returned with him to the vineyard, where the Martikovs had promised to help rehabilitate him.


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