Claire vs Dragonlance: Part 2, “Pay no attention to the kender behind the curtain!”

Day Three

On rising there was a brief argument between Sturm and Riverwind. Riverwind had questioned Sturm’s commitment to protecting Goldmoon, and Sturm had taken it as an insult on his honour. Goldmoon quickly stepped between them, and both men apologised for their rash behaviour. 

That day the party hit the road through the East Wall mountains. As they went, Riverwind began to remember the place vaguely. Maybe he traveled this way before he lost his memory? Goldmoon also got a sense of dejavu too which she couldn’t explain.

As they got over the mountains and closer to the coast, they turned north on Riverwind’s instinct. The further north they moved, they could smell the putrid smell of the encroaching swamp. They slept at the side of it that night. Caramon tried to get Goldmoon to open up about her relationship with Riverwind, but it turned instead into a sad reminiscence about her tribe.

Day Four

As they crossed the swamp, approaching some low ruins, Goldmoon told Tasslehoff about the different kinds of items that people of her tribe might use as wedding tokens to give to their spouse. She suggested he go ask Riverwind about it, as what she hoped was a subtle way of gauging Riverwind’s readiness. But the kender ran over yelling, and seeing Goldmoon’s panic, Flint the dwarf grabbed him and made him shut up.

Deeper in the swamp, they ran into a slippery bridge. They rigged up ropes, but Flint slipped into the water and was attacked by a basilisk. They dispatched the beast, Goldmoon figuring out more about her magical staff as she used it to cure basilisk-induced paralysis. Footprints led them deeper. As they crossed a log they were ambushed by strange lizardmen, the likes they had never seen before. They not only cast magic, but when they died their bones exploded! The party managed to scrape through, though two of the creatures got away to warn others.

The party raced to cross more bridges and get away from the oncoming patrols. They rigged more ropes up and crossed one bridge, but Riverwind and Tanis got caught on one side by an oncoming patrol. They tried running across the bridge but slipped into the water and were captured. The remaining members of the party took a different route to get towards the central encampment of the lizardfolk, and hid themselves in the ruins. In the centre of the busy camp they saw what they could not believe – a dragon! It just sat there though, and had not seemed to sense them. They could not see their two friends so they sent Tasslehoff, the sneakiest member of the party, to find and hopefully release them.

They waited a very long time, and they were about to step forward and investigate when suddenly a muffled voice erupted from the dragon. “Bring me the prisoners!”. The lizard men seemed confused, because they thought it was not alive. But Raistlin quickly got the idea and used minor illusion to make the dragon’s mouth look as if it was moving, while the kender, inside the construct, made its head and wings move. The lizard people brought out the woozy Tanis and Riverwind. “Give them their weapons!” the dragon cried. It worked! Tanis waved confusedly at the wobbly dragon, which slammed into the campfire and caught alight. 

As the lizard folk all ran in fear, the party rushed in to save Tasslehoff from burning. They cut him free and all ran north, away from where the lizard men had fled. This took them deeper into the ruins of Xak Tsaroth, and they saw signs that it had once been a beautiful city in the last age. They opened great golden doors and found themselves in a great temple. In the centre was a statue of a woman, her hands held out as if to cradle the staff, and she seemed to be made of the same material.

As Goldmoon placed the staff in the statue’s hands it spoke only to her – she must venture down below the temple, into danger, to retrieve the Disks of Mischakal and learn the ancient knowledge.


Source: Dragonlance, The Dragons of Autumn Twilight

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