Claire vs Dragonlance, Part 3: Pot Luck

Day Five

The party discovered that they must have been protected overnight by the statue of Mischakal, for there were lizard men in the very next room. After dealing with them, they went down the stairs in another room and found themselves in a room with many holes in the floor. They walked carefully, watching their step. They saw a wooden box on a ledge far across a chasm, and using rope, bow and arrow, and the spell Tenser’s Floating Disk, they managed to pull the box over to them and were well rewarded for it. Inside were 5 gems worth 1000 gold each.

Heading to the other side of the same floor they ran into a strange sight: gully dwarves running and jumping with strange glee into a cauldron, attended by two lizard men. The cauldron then began to sink through a hole in the floor. They worked out what it was as another cauldron came rising out of another hole in the floor: it was an elevator! New lizard men came out of this cauldron and started to file towards the corridor that the heroes hid in, so they rushed out and took them all on. These ones turned to stone on their deaths and after a few minutes or so they turned to dust.


Source: TSR

Once the lizard men were dispatched the heroes decided to figure out the elevator. They would have to do it in two groups, so the first group, Tanis, Riverwind, Goldmoon and Sturm, all started downwards. They noticed a lizard man standing beside a gong at the bottom to announce their arrival, so Tanis leaned over the side and shot at him, killing him in one shot. Having him turn into stone stopped him from hitting the gong. However, once they were out of the cauldron at the bottom, and the group above were piled in, a patrol of lizard men arrived in the room. The assembled four on the lower floor were able to wipe these out before the other four were even halfway toward the floor.

Unfortunately at this point I had to end the session because I started to feel ill. We’ll pick up again in a few days!

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