Claire vs Dragonlance Part 5: Chapter 2 begins – You can’t break that railroad!

Day Eight

After running across mountains and plains to get to the distant smoke over Solace, the party ran into the ruins of Que-Qiri. The only person they saw was an old man who was trapped under the ruins of his house. Goldmoon tried to heal him, but she could not save him. As he died, he monologued at the heroes: the dragons have returned! As he died, the dragon-like men they had first met at Xak Tsaroth attacked from out of nowhere! But as they slew these, they discovered they were a different breed: these ones burst into a pool of acid as they died, burning the party.

This is the first point where James wanted me to try and break the railroad. Apparently if I had decided to go off script at this point, I would have been attacked by TWO DRAGONS… cos you gotta stay on the railroad, y’all.

The heroes continued to head towards Solace as evening drew near. They came upon a devastating sight. Only three buildings were left, including the Inn of the Last Home, which had been ripped from its high-up post in the tree and lay, its back wall and roof slumped over. They tried to sneak in but failed and ran into a patrol. With Raistlin’s quick casting of a Hypnotic Pattern, the party ran quickly into the Inn of the Last Home.

Tika the bartender pretended to not know the party and when she had the chance filled the party in on what had transpired. The dragons and dragon-men had arrived and were enslaving the people and killing all the elves they saw. At that moment a hooded figure crossed the room and a dragon-man tripped him. As his hood came back, elf ears were revealed! The draconians started to shove him around, while the party tried to decide what to do. But at that point Tika whacked one over the head with her skillet. A hideous hobgoblin, called Fewmaster Toede, stepped in and announced that everyone in here would be arrested.

And this was the point where I decided to try and break the railroad. My eight person party – plus two, Tika and the elf, Gilthanas – versus Fewmaster Toede and 48 draconians…

Come at me bro!

The party fought to resist arrest. Weary from the road, they were not at the top of their form, but put up a valiant effort. Fewmaster Toede fled in fear, almost near death. The party were slow to fall, but they took out 44 of the 48 draconians before Tasslehoff finally fell, the last to be attacked. The floor was mostly eaten away by rivulets of acidic draconian blood.

We will rejoin the heroes again next time as they now rejoin the railroad and try to escape from capture!


Source: TSR

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