Claire vs Dragonlance Part 6: The railroad continues, this time with actual road!

Day Nine

The heroes woke to find themselves in a wagon cage. Goldmoon counselled the group to rest up and get their strength back for when a chance to escape came. She spotted another wagon where their gear was being stowed. She healed Caramon, who had been badly beaten to subdue him, Raistlin who was coughing without his usual herbal tea, and the smith Theros, whose arm had been cut off when he had been arrested by Fewmaster Toede.

Toede and his squire, a gully dwarf, traveled alongside them and their hobgoblin captors, as they went for miles and miles through ruined terrain, the true extent of the draconian conquest hitting them as they passed through what was once the proud city of Gateway.

Their chance came when they drew near to the forests of the Qualinesti elves. When a sudden ambush of elves descended upon the wagons, Goldmoon rallied the others. Raistlin, Tika and Tasslehoff threw off their bonds and started to free the others. The goblins decided to turn on the prisoners and kill them before the elves could rescue them, so the party had to struggle to rip the locks or the bars off of their cage before they were pincushioned. They managed, but not without casualty; Gilthanas lost half his elven blade to a lock. The goblins were quickly dispatched and the heroes rushed to retrieve their gear from the other wagon while hobgoblins rushed them. They slew as many as they could before breaking for the cover of the trees.


Source: Warhammer

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