The Diary of Genora Amcathra: Storm King’s Thunder Part 1, Down in Goblintown

Yes, that’s right! James and I are starting another D&D campaign right out of the 5th edition book Storm King’s Thunder. Let me leap right into it, after a brief rundown of the major cast members:

  • Genora of House Amcathra of Waterdeep, age 16, human sorceror (Favoured Soul) (not that she knows it at the beginning!), mixed Noble/Waterdhavian Noble background, upholder of family pride, flippant, stubborn and vengeful

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  • Ninya, or Of the Mist the Boots, tabaxi monk (Open Hand) (not really a monk, we just chose that class cos cat people should start able to kick butt without weapons and run and jump insane distances), maidservant (custom Maid background), cheerful and easily distracted (and also fourth wall breaking, though that probably won’t come through in the diary entries, but at the table James basically plays her like a female Deadpool). Hates water.

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  • Aukanthi ‘Babysitter’ Gathakanathi, goliath fighter (Knight), soldier background. Serious and dry of wit. Outcast of his people for being so short and for wanting to protect other weak fleshy beings who should stand up for themselves.

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The diary of Genora Amcathra

Day 1) 10 Mirtul, 1490 DR

I was ever so grateful to be getting out of Waterdeep. Winter seemed to have passed so slowly, and I wanted to see my aunty Valrosa who resides in Nightstone. So as soon as the weather was good, I took Ninya and four guards with me for the short journey. To aleviate the boredom of the road I flirted with one of the guards, a half-elf. He was much older so tried to balance ignoring me with being careful not to disrespect me. Meanwhile his captain, Aukanthi, rolled his eyes fully in front of me. That one’s ways are very different from one’s own.

He kept saying we ought to be on guard for goblin or orc attacks. I was mid-response, saying that  we were always on guard for goblins around Waterdeep, when suddenly we were surrounded! Not just goblins, but an ogre far larger even than Aukanthi. He and the other three guards rushed forward to face them, while he yelled at Ninya to get me to safety. I’m not unused to Ninya pulling me out of a scrape, but it’s never an easy ride, getting pulled and whipped back and forth at neck-breaking speeds to escape a crowd. It was a tight press though, and Ninya’s progress impeded, she had to unsheathe her claws more often than not. I, meanwhile, unleashed a sonic attack on their ears undiscriminately.

As we broke for the trees of the Ardeep Forest, the ogre threw the body of my half-elven guard over my head. We made it to cover, but goblins kept coming. Suddenly one nearly caught Ninya by surprised, and I was at a loss for how to stop it. I reached one ineffectual hand to reach it and push it out of the way, so far from connecting, only to be surprised when a sharp bolt of fire burst from my extended palm. I screamed and went limp, and Ninya dragged me over a ridge.

We hid there as goblins passed. The light of day began to fade when suddenly we were found – by Aukanthi! The lone survivor of our guards. He was terribly hurt. As I reached for his bloodied forehead with my handkercheif, suddenly my hand glowed again and his wounds healed instantly! The others were talking, but I could hardly hear them over the rush of the sound of my own heart in my ears. I touched my own nose, and my wounds closed up too. So… somehow I know magic now?

Aukanthi suggested we close the distance to Nightstone as it was closer than Waterdeep, so we set out under his guidance. It was not far at all. It was a terrible sight however. The bells of the church rang incessesantly, and there was giant holes in the roofs of the buildings, the keep, and even the bridge linking to the keep that spanned the moat. Aukanthi tried to turn us around, but I insisted on entering. I had to know if Aunty Valrosa was all right.

The first place we were able to sneak into was the church. As we passed through the churchyard we saw giant boulders that seemed to have fallen out of the very sky! Entering the church, we found it was two goblins ringing the bell! I had been hoping it was residents that we could save. The other two ran past me to defeat the invaders, while I helplessly struggled to control the fire from my hands. We rescued the priest’s and church’s property that the goblins were stealing, hoping to restore them to their owners. This we continued to do as we went through the ruined town and found goblins stealing personal items.

Looking out the tower window we saw the town square. The large dark stone that usually resides there was missing, and there were also wargs guarding the wide open space. We avoided that and instead went around the outskirts of the town, entering the tavern from the back entrance. There were goblins partying in one room so we ignored that, and instead investigated why there was a single dead goblin below a hole in the level above us. We went upstairs and found a mendicant monk, Kella, hiding up there. She had been knocked out my a falling boulder but not killed, and woke up to find the town deserted of residents and instead filled with goblins. We said we could help her leave the town, but she said she’s rather stick with us. She had a snake wrapped around her arm. His name is Sssteven. Aukanthi was automatically suspicious of her and took me aside to say so, but I said words to the effect that beggars cannot be choosers!

Image result for kella storm kings thunder

We then explored the other buildings in town, trying to find survivors. Most of the time when we met goblins they attacked us before I had a chance to speak, but one called Jilk did talk to me. I didn’t really get anything useful out of him, other than he was content to loot in the absence of the residents of Nightstone. So much for diplomacy. At least we did manage to rescue some chickens and horses from their captives, and we found another companion called Rillix, a tressym (editor: domestic cat with wings!) whose masters had been killed by falling boulders and who, once fed, decided to tag along with us and scout into the remaining buildings for us. Also during this time I found another magic power I apparently have: if I stare long enough at a foreign language, apparently I can make out what it means! Turns out there was a door to a house with a curse on it. Good thing I could read it!

Image result for tressym d&d

The town explored, we headed to the ruin of the bridge. Aukanthi took a running jump and nearly fell entirely, but then pulled himself bodily up the edge. Kella made it in one, and Ninya didn’t even try, but caught on to the lower struts with her claws and climbed up nimbly. Aukanthi threw me a rope which I tied around my waist, and I made a running jump too. Suffice to say I didn’t quite make it, and I lost the wind in my lungs and the rest of my dignity as he winched me up over the edge. But at least, in the light of the rising sun, we had made it finally into the keep itself.


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