The Diary of Genora Amcathra: Storm King’s Thunder Part 5, The Womford Bat

Day 15) 24 Mirtul, 1490 DR

We made it to Bargewright Inn. Turns out you have to go through the town of Womford first to dock your boat and then over the bridge to the inn, which is a bit of a Zhentarrim stronghold. We arrived near sunset. As we walked through Womford, we noticed many suspicious eyes and bars on doors and windows. I wondered what was happening, but Shalvus would not answer or stop to see. The gates closed behind us as Shalvus spoke to the guards to let us in. We arrived at the inn and Shalvus went in to have a meeting with his superior. Meanwhile we noticed the barkeep and a sallow-faced man were shooting us odd looks, and when I mentioned the uneasiness in Womford, Aukanthi noticed the barkeep got very cagey.

I write this now in our upstairs dormitory, after dinner. Shalvus has still not returned. Umbero is feeling very uneasy indeed. We are thinking about sneaking out and finding out what’s happening in Womford at the very least, or just getting out of dodge entirely.

Day 16) 25 Mirtul, 1490 DR

Who would have thought I’d be writing from Goldenfields again? But here we are again, after making a series of grand missteps.

We ended up paying the guards to let us through the gates. Aukanthi recognised signs of some sort of stalker in the town. We tracked it, and Ninya decided to make herself be bait for a trap for it. We soon realised to our horror, as he leapt out, that it was the sallow-faced man from the inn, and he was, as we could see now, a vampire. We attacked with all our might, desperate to survive. Aukanthi yelled out that we had to get him into the nearby river. As we attacked, he picked the vampire up in a tight embrace and started carrying him as the frenzied devil writhed in his arms. Ninya grabbed him off of Aukanthi and carried him into the river, forgetting, in the heat of battle, her dislike of water. It was a tough fight, and she nearly drowned, but just before the vampire could get out of the water, Aukanthi struck the finishing blow.

Both Ninya and Umbero were shaking with fear. Ninya because of the awful wetness, and Umbero because he told us that the man we had just killed was an important Zhentarrim agent in the north, nicknamed the Womford Bat because he was allowed to prey upon the people of Womford and its surrounds. Umbero and Aukanthi hurried back into the inn and brought all out stuff and horses out. We had to flee. But before we left, Umbero insisted, for some insane reason, to graffiti “The One Snake killed the Womford Bat”. As if we need more reasons for the Zhentarrim to come after us, but he says they’ll work it out anyway.

From midnight til mid morning we rode hard on our horses until we reached the ford in the river closest to Goldenfields. As we crossed on our dwarven boat, we were attacked by merrow and Ninya and I were dragged into the water! Ninya thrashed ineffectually, so it was up to the rest of us to save her. We cut down three of them before the fourth escaped. We couldn’t pursue, we were too hurt, so reached the other side and hurried on to Goldenfields. We got here in the evening and are resting up now. Ninya is much traumatised and Umbero is looking shifty. We must get to Waterdeep next, to hopefully beg my father’s protection from the Zhentarrim. I still can’t believe we killed a vampire!


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