The Diary of Genora Amcathra: Storm King’s Thunder Part 6, Giants over Waterdeep

Day 20) 29 Mirtul, 1490 DR

After four days travel we made it back to Waterdeep without incident. It was after we entered that the incidents occurred!

Since we came in through the south we decided to go through the market first to restock our supplies before heading north to my house. It was there that I was pickpocketed. We gave chase after the person, and that lead us into an alley. I don’t really remember the rest very well, as the next thing I knew was… well nothing. I was taken out by a Zhentarrim assassin. The others were cornered by thugs, but Ninya used her amazing jumping ability to scale the wall and run after the fleeing assassin. Aukanthi got me back on my feet with a healing potion, but even then I missed the most interesting part of the battle. As we were cutting down thugs, Ninya and the assassin were going toe to toe inside the building. She was throwing his from landing to landing, or so she says. All I know is, as soon as I caught sight of her failing to push him through a window, I threw up a firebolt at him, and took him out.

Running home, we straight away told Daddy of all of this, as well as all our adventures for the last two weeks. He looked sad for a moment when I told him I was a sorcerer. I learned later at dinner why that was. I’m not his real daughter. Mummy and Daddy found me on their doorstep one night when there was a storm, and considered me a blessing from the gods, since they had failed to produce children. But so far as we both consider, we are still father and daughter. Probably I’m some poor woman’s child who hadn’t the money to keep me. I’ll probably never find her, but maybe this explains why I’ve always tried to make things better for the common people.

We were enjoying dinner, and Daddy was immensely supportive of my new goal to go on an adventure, seeing as he had been an adventurer too. Though unfortunately he doesn’t think we can bring any legal action against the Zhentarrim for the attack, as we have no proof. As we were talking a dark shadow crossed the moon, and we ran first to the window, then to the roof to see. Giants had come to Waterdeep. Another giant castle in the clouds hung above my head. I felt a lump rise in my throat and told Daddy to get to the basement. He seemed pleased to get a chance to run away. (Author’s note: Not that Genora will ever find this out, but his secret reason for leaving was that he is a closed lord of Waterdeep, so she isn’t even allowed to know that he is on the council)

I called the others to my side and we wondered the streets until very late at night. People were milling around, praying, panicking. But there were no stones being thrown from the cloud castle. We decided to sleep, but have our things ready in case we were summoned to action.

Image result for cloud giant castle

Day 21) 30 Mirtul, 1490 DR

We passed so peaceful a night I almost wondered if the castle had been a dream, but no, there it was through my window in the morning. We wandered the streets again to gauge the reaction of people. On our way through the city we detoured to House Thann, to hand the butler there Zi Liang’s black pearl pendant. In return he gave us two magic items: a bag of beans and some magical faerie horse shoes which will make my horse faster and never need to be reshod.

Meanwhile we heard that the Lady Laeral Silverhand was looking for adventurers to go up to the castle in the clouds. We felt sad for a moment that we hadn’t the ability to fly, and then we remembered, we have pixie dust! So we went to the roof of my house and tried the dust. Ninya and myself went up in the air straight away! Umbero went invisible first, but then on his second try started flying. Aukanthi unfortunately got magically confused first, then went invisible, and finally started flying. The confusion wore off quickly, which was good because he did try to take a swipe at me mid-air! But soon we were very, very high up, and landing on our second castle of clouds.

We were met by some stone giants who very slowly went to let the cloud giants in charge know that we were present. There was a young cloud giantess sent to escort us, and she had a griffon on her arm, much like I have Rillix with me. It occurred to me how useful it would be if the griffon guard in Waterdeep had not been disbanded! We could have had a much easier time riding up here on griffons. I will mention this to Daddy later. Anyway we got to speak to Count Nimbolo, a cloud giant. He was studying many maps of the areas and when we asked him why he was above Waterdeep, he said he was trying to chart the ancient land of Ostoria, a giant kingdom. We told him it was long gone by now, a subject only of myth to us. He asked if he could send surveyors down to the mountain to have a look for any ancient signs. I told him I did not have the authority to grant that, however I would happily escort a representative down to ask permission of the Lady Laeral.

As we explained to each other how each of our societies worked, I finally learned the answer to what has been happening in the giant world. There was a great system laid down by the giant gods, called the Ordning. It basically said to the giants that the hill giants are the lowest, the storm giants the best, and everyone has their own place in the hierarchy. Apparently now the Ordning has been declared as over, so giants are now competing to see how can be on top. Not every giant seems as interested in this though. Nimbolo seems pretty calm and above the whole thing.

Anyway we escorted his representative down, and as soon as we landed near the castle things got taken out of our hands and we were forgotten. We headed back home to await further news. To fill in the time, we tried planting one of the magical beans from Zi Liang’s inheritance. Within a minute it grew six eggs. We went to a magical animals merchant, but he quickly revealed they would never hatch. They were magical food in the shape of eggs, that would either boost our abilities or explode in our stomachs. Since Aukanthi and I boasted about having the toughest stomachs (Ninya and Umbero wisely deciding to not participate), we both down an egg each, and were rewarded with very sore stomachs for the rest of the night.

Day 22) 1 Kythorn, 1490 DR

Last night I had a dream about a giant throne, which had blue dragons skulls in place of legs. What can it mean?

In the morning we decided to try a bit more fun and planted another bean. Golly were we lucky to survive the bulette that emerged from the ground and very nearly ended it all for us!

Image result for bulette

We got cleaned up and had lunch, and it was then that I received a letter summoning me to meet Lady Laeral. What can this mean? I hope I’m not due a scolding for anything that’s happened in the past two weeks…



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