The Diary of Genora Amcathra: Storm King’s Thunder Part 7, Ally of Laeral

Day 22) 1 Kythorn, 1490 DR

My meeting with Lady Laeral was an interesting one. I had heard that she was the one who started that old Waterdhavian tradition of casting fly and throwing oneself from scented bath to the next. It turns out that was our afternoon’s occupation. Thankfully I have a few times before done this ritual so I knew what to expect, even though it has somewhat fallen out of fashion. It was odd but also endeared me to her, when I might otherwise have been fatally intimidated by her status.

She was unbelievably kind. I thought I was coming for a scolding, but instead she seemed happy with my adventures so far. She praised my handling of the situation with the giants above Waterdeep, and even gave me a lead to find more information about the giants. She said that once there was a company called Force Gray who protected Waterdeep, and they had amongst their number a frost giant called Harthnag. When the Force disbanded, he disappeared. She suggested I seek amongst the frost giants for his whereabouts.

She also obliquely mentioned that she was pleased that I was standing up to the Zhentarrim, and that is was a pity the Lord’s Alliance felt that they were currently a necessary evil. Perhaps, if one could get more evidence against them, she would be able to take proper action. To that end, to protect me from my newfound enemies, she gifted to me an amazing shirt of adamantium chain that assassins will find much harder to pierce with their poisoned weapons. I really could not thank her enough, and I left the castle feeling thoroughly confident that she was my ally.

We finally that afternoon legitimized our little adventuring band by purchasing a charter. We named ourselves the Laughing Company, after much debate. We decided it was ideal, because we wanted to bring joy to the innocent, but at the same time we were kind of rubbing it in the nose of the Zhentarrim. Come at me now, if you wish!

To fill in some time we experimented with more magical beans. These grew for us another bulette which we soon dispatched, a magical blue campfire, and two mean statues that looked exactly like me and said nasty things about me. We carried them back to my house, which led to us being fined for public disturbance.

Finally that evening we were able to pay a visit to Chazlauth Yarghorn, the dragon expert recommended to us by Naxene. When we told him of her plan to involve the dragons in the giant attacks, he laughed and said we were crazy. Instead, he suggested we see old Gnawbones in Kryptgarden Forest, a dragon who watches the world from her many crystal balls. We were eager, until he mentioned she was a green dragon. So he gave us four potions of poison resistance, and told us to make sure we interested her, and gave her something of interest, for example, information she otherwise could not get. A daunting prospect…

Tomorrow we will set off early in our northward journey to learn more about the giants. We need to eventually reach the Spine of the World, where we will find other front giants who we can inquire with regarding Harthnag. But on the way we may as well visit a few other places on the way that people have asked us to stop in at.

Day 24) 3 Kythorn, 1490 DR

After two days travel reached Rassalantar. A pleasant enough town. The journey has been fairly kind to us so far.

By the way, I forgot to mention, yesterday when we woke up before setting off, the magical statues had disintegrated. So much for magic beans then!

Day 25) 4 Kythorn, 1490 DR

Finally arrived in Amphail towards the end of the day and went straight to the tavern where we could find Arleosa Starhenge. She reminsced about Miros for a while, and we talked for a few hours over drinks. In the end, she liked me so much that she told me the story of an old lover of hers, a halfling called Keltar Dardragon. She gave me his magical wooden ring, and said if ever I needed his help, I should whisper his name three times into it. When we told her we were moving on the next day she insisted we stay another day for the party of Tylander Roaringhorn, a resident Waterdhavian noble. We said we would, and retired back to my family estate in Amphail. All was good there, so I wrote a letter to Daddy telling him so. Later, when we were all deep in our cups, we spoke into the ring and received an illusion of the halfling Keltar, telling us to come to his tower in the Sumber Hills to receive ‘what we need’. I don’t half wonder if this isn’t some magical booty call device…

Day 26) 5 Kythorn, 1490 DR

Well, isn’t it just the way? The party was going splendidly, until of course, it was interrupted by four hill giants. Everyone else fled while we stayed behind to fight. Funnily enough, if they hadn’t been so focused on the food, it could have been much worse, but as it was, we intimidated them into running away. We checked on everyone. Poor Tylander was most upset, but unhurt. I advised him against gathering large displays of food in the future. Arleosa was also all right. We tried to help with the clean-up effort and healing the hurt. Wrote a second letter to Daddy to tell him the latest.

Day 27) 6 Kythorn, 1490 DR

Last night I dreamt of being with someone else, someone close to me, and then suddenly we were swallowed up by black tentacles. I woke up in a cold sweat. Found it hard to sleep again after that. We restocked on supplies, made sure the people we knew in Amphail were all right, and set on the road for Red Larch. I wonder, but my dreams do seem to be linked to my encounters with giants perhaps?

Day 30) 9 Kythorn, 1490 DR

We arrived in  Red Larch after a few uneventful days travel. Since the Sumber Hills are to the north of us, I think we’ll detour to try and find Keltar Dardragon and see exactly what he can give us…


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