The Diary of Genora Amcathra: Storm King’s Thunder Part 9, A Near Miss

Day 42) 21 Kythorn, 1490 DR

After our attack of the night before you would think we’d play it safe passing through Womford. But you’d be wrong. We got off the river yesterday as Ninya was having nightmares about drowning. As we passed through Womford we were recognised as the killers of the Womford Bat. I dimly remember at the time that Umbero was gloating and taking most of the credit. Serves him right that he’s the only one hungover today. After a free stay overnight in Womford, we’re back on the road today.

Day 48) 27 Kythorn, 1490 DR

We passed through Red Larch again three days ago, and today we are staying the night in Westbridge. Nothing of consequence has happened on the road, and I only write to report that the innkeeper where we’re staying is the brother of Keltar Dardragon! Small world (get it, he’s a halfling…).

Day 51) 30 Kythorn, 1490 DR

We arrived in Triboar today. It sits atop a hill and is a large market and crossroads town. It being the solstice today, there were a good few stalls around. Amongst other places, we stopped off at the Lionshield Coster to tell Alistra that her ex-husband (also an employee of the Lionshields) died in Nightstone. She, and her co-worker Narth, were on edge because their business was seen as outside competition and so they were victims of vandalism. We tried to give them ideas of how to become more a part of the community (e.g. sponsoring events at festivals) but I don’t think they really listened.


We heard there was a grove outside of town where people received visions from the god of tracking, and sometimes even were taken away by the god himself. We found the idea entertaining so we sat out there. As we all bedded down though, Aukanthi saw him. He noticed the costume was wrong though, and that’s when the ‘god’ attacked. It was an oni! We fought fiercely, but he escaped into the night. We are going to track him in the morning and destroy him. But in the meantime, I am writing this from the safety of the Northstar Coster. The innkeeper, Urgala, was not impressed with our late arrival, but being an ex-adventurer herself, she understands.

Day 61) 10 Flamerule, 1490 DR

Well. I’m surprised to be writing here again. Let me explain.

The next day we woke up to a giant attack. This time it was fire giants, leading a sizeable army of ocrs riding axebeaks, magmins burning down the town, and orog bodyguards. The giants seemed to almost be dowsing, using a rod of some sort, as if they were looking for something. Ninya ran in first as we stormed up, getting in between the giants and the town square, into the caravan yard where they started to demolish next. Though I didn’t get to meet all these people properly until today, in the town square there was the Lord Protector of Triboar, Darathra, who bravely fought orcs until she fell, but we were able to stablise her. There was also Narth, who took potshots from the fence of the Lionshield Coster. With Ninya was Darz, the caravan park owner, and Orthovir, a sorcerer who had coming running from where the giants started their attack on the outskirts of town. Urgala joined us in the fight too, and eventually we also spotted a stout aged dwarf, Ghelryn, swinging wildly with his battleaxe to help us.

We tried our best to protect people more than property, felling all but the giants, who were not attacking but digging up the caravan park. As we felled orog and orc, Ninya dodged fiery explosion after fiery explosion from magmins and took them out more effectively than any of us could, though getting quite scorched in the process. Soon the giants dug a massive lump of adamantium out of the ground and as we finished off the last of their army, they started to walk away. I checked that all our allies were stable, and, frustrated, I flew after the giants to demand to know why they had attacked. I overheard them saying how pleased Duke Zelto would be. I zoomed right in front of them. Caring not for the anger of a mosquito, I was batted out of the sky.


Apparently I was on the verge of death for the first five days of this last week, and only just started to regain my strength. But I do believe I died, for I heard two voices. There was a woman interceding on my part, saying that I’ve done so much and with so little help from… someone, the owner of the booming male voice which I heard next, which finally agreed and the next thing I know, I was back in my body and in a lot of pain. I’m almost too scared to tell Daddy, but I suppose I had better. Also I had best be careful in the future. I don’t think I get another chance.

I’ve had six visitors in today, besides my friends. Urgala of course came in to visit. She suggested if we ever go past Zymorven Hall to stop in, as Harthos Zymorven, an ex-adventurer, is said to have a giant slaying sword. Darz came to see me and suggested if we needed money, he knew where there was a wanted criminal a few towns over. Orthovir came too and said if we wanted repayment for saving his life, we could collect the Margasta family stash, which he gave us the location of (but Aukanthi seems to think that perhaps this is not a legitimate offer, he seemed pretty shifty when telling us this). Also Ghelryn visited and gave us a letter of recommendation to visit the royal family of Citadel Felbrand. Aukanthi is very keen to meet dwarven royalty.

Lord Protector Darathra and I were finally able to meet properly. She implored us to go to Everlund and find Drell Thelor and let him know what had happened in Triboar. We intend to do this next, as well as visiting Noanar’s Hold on the way to deliver a cartful of saddles that Narth needs delivered. He has paid us 100gp and given us a horse called Boris and a cart that we can keep afterwards. We will do these things in all haste.


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