The Diary of Genora Amcathra: Storm King’s Thunder Part 10, Party on the Golden Goose

Day 61) 10 Flamerule, 1490 DR, Continued

When I was feeling stronger that afternoon we decided we would warm up before our journey by taking out that oni on the outskirts of town. In order to do this we decided to gather around those same allies who had visited, in order to surround and trap the oni. Before we set out though, we had thought it best to see a priest. Turns out there was one at the Talking Troll, a drunken wretch called Silvarren Loomshank who had been ignoring his duties in Red Larch and come up to Triboar instead.

After talking to him and the Troll’s barkeep Kaelen Sarssir, we had a plan. You see, Kaelen, amongst complaints to us about the 5 gold debt owed by the priest, told us he wished he could turn the Troll into a theatre instead of a bar. I told him I would potentially back this scheme of his if he came up with a business plan and found some business partners (Aukanthi suggested Narth and Alistra from the Lionshield Coster could sponsor him). The priest was too drunk to come with us, and we bitterly came up with a plan to foil him too. We gave Narth and Kaelen 25 gold and sent them off to do the business of the gods… but I’ll get to that part in good time.

As it got dark, I went out into the woods in disguise as a lone ranger to ‘sleep’. Rillix parked herself up in the trees to warn the others once I was attacked, while they watched from a nearby boarding house. It didn’t take long for me to hear a creeping footstep, and suddenly a spell of charming was laid on me, but it didn’t take, luckily! I dropped a spell of haste and flew into action. Because of this, and Rillix making the others aware, it only took myself and Ninya, with a little bit of luck, to take the oni down.

Feeling mighty proud of ourselves, we went back into town and got into costume. Only Darx stayed with us, joining Narth and Kaelen, and we went into the staged area we had set up to look like the wall of the faithless. We all played bricks in the wall and as the drunken and drugged priest woke, we bemoaned our faithlessness and despair. He was terrified, and we knocked him out again. But later that night when he awoke, and we had cleaned away all the props and costumes, he was most miserable and declared he would set out to Red Larch in the morning to do his duty.

Day 63) 12 Flamerule, 1490 DR

Two days later, we have reached Yartar. We set out early yesterday morning, but the priest Silvarren set out even earlier than us.

Not much happening today, except that now we have been invited onto the Golden Goose, a casino boat! Exciting!

Interestingly the logo of the Golden Goose is exactly like the golden goose in my dream a while ago. I have told the others about my dream, and several other dreams. They think it’s weird, but agree with me that it will be interesting to go and see what it means.

Day 64) 13 Flamerule, 1490 DR

Have decided to spend another day in Yartar as we are all exhausted from the long night on the ship. It was fun for Umbero and myself. Unfortunately Aukanthi and Ninya, as my staff, were below decks, where it was apparently pretty boring.

As for us up top, Umbero nearly slipped up and gave his lower breeding away, but recovered thankfully. We played blackjack and poker. The staff were from far and wide, and to be frank were more interesting than these provincial nobles who thought themselves so fancy. I’m afraid that the provincial political scene was my very reason for being there, for the owner of the ship, Khaspere Drylund, wanted my backing in his upcoming political coup. I made my excuses and left. The one interesting thing about him was his pet octopus on his shoulder!

We spent the rest of the night having fun, and now it’s dawn and we are far too tired to travel today, so we will spend one more night in town. I wonder why the golden goose sign seemed to come to nothing. Was I supposed to say something different? Or maybe it really was just a coincidence.


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