The Diary of Genora Amcathra: Storm King’s Thunder Part 16, Climb Every Mountain

Day 161) 18 Marpenoth, 1490 DR, Continued

After talking to Umbero some more I learned it was more than just the Seven Snakes out there on what he supposes must have been one of the Whalebone Islands. Also he remembed their orders were to kill the giantess while dressed in Waterdhavian clothing. We suddenly grew worried that there may be a storm giant attack on Waterdeep long in the planning… but we had issues to sort out up in the north before heading back.

Day 164) 21 Marpenoth, 1490 DR

Reached Hundelstone without any issues. There we met Thwip Ironbottom, Beldara’s contact, who gave us a clockwork dog for paying a visit. It’s very cute!

Day 167) 24 Marpenoth, 1490 DR

On the way to Ironmaster, we met a band of the White Tiger clan, who fought us until Halani used magic to understand their language, and generously gave them 42 shares of rations (enough that we can make it to Ironmaster before restocking). They were astounded, and went away grateful. They told us that the frost giants are raiding from the Sea of Moving Ice. Something to bear in mind for later. Also on the way we fought two yetis in a cave, and found their stash of money and a magical lantern. It contains elemental fire, and seems to be an old dwarven delving lantern that has magic to improve one’s dungeon sense and it also reveals invisible things.

When we finally arrived at Ironmaster today we did as Augrek had told us and waited by a menhir, as only dwarves are allowed in. As we waited we saw reindeer running by. Halani spoke to them magically and they told her that they were being hunted by front giants to the north. We did not see them in our time there though. Soon Gwert Brighthelm, a dwarf, came out. He listened as we told him of Augrek’s request for more reinforcements, and we begged him to let us buy food from Ironmaster. Thankfully he agreed! I didn’t think the hospitality of dwarves was so bad! But on a positive note he gave us each a dwarven gem and told us to take them to Fireshear, to Dashara Keldabar who RAISES GRIFFONS!!! So naturally that’s where we are headed next.

Day 170) 27 Marpenoth, 1490 DR

Well. That went well. Dashara did not want to see us. She is fed up with Waterdeep for kicking her and her griffons out in the first place (DECADES before I was born, might I add!!). She told us she will only hear us out after we have done something to prove we love griffons for the sake of griffons, and not just to use them. Well. I don’t see that happening anytime soon, seeing as we have literally travelled the whole region and only seen them today for the first time. Anyway, we left a donation of 2000 gold before we left.

Day 175) 2 Uktar, 1490 DR

It has taken us five days to get back to Bryn Shander. In those days we have witnessed a frost giant start an avalanche (flying spells, you are the best!), and fought an abominible yeti but did not find its cave. We also fought a remorhaz with treasure stuck in its carapace: money, a potion of diminution, and a wonderful find: two sending stones! They are most unusual, and have a message recorded on one. It was a terrible feeling when Halani decoded the message and figured out what it was: Dethen, a guy who tried to turn himself into a lich, leaving a message to someone called Arveia Turace saying he will find her once his transformation is complete… So now we know why Ice Claws has a dead guy riding on her back. Dare we ever tell her the truth?

Also on the road I started having terrible dreams of a great storm. As such we have sent one of the sending stones back to Waterdeep, where it has ended up in the hands of Twyla, an apprentice of Laeral. She says Laeral is at a meeting of the Lord’s Alliance outside of Waterdeep (and the topic is the Zhentarrim problem!) and that she will keep us updated on the situation in Waterdeep.

We let Markham know of our sightings and received reports about frost giants, and he was pleased. We’ll sleep here tonight before we set off onto the glacier tomorrow, to get to the Eye of the All Father finally! Harshnag is most pleased that we’re finally getting around to it.

Day 179) 6 Uktar, 1490 DR

I write to you tonight from the safety of a warm cave with a hot spring. On the first day out we narrowly avoided a fight with three frost giants. On the second day we fought four yetis but got a little off track because of that. Yesterday we climbed or flew up the Reghed Glacier. Today we found a plume of smoke, and moving towards it we found Evermelt.

It is a large cave with the ancient bones of a long dead white dragon, and a hot springs… and also, we were amazed to find, a forge and the trappings of what looks like a fire giant’s living space. It turns out we were right in that guess, because as we were bathing in the hot spring, Ragmar, the hermit fire giant, came in. He was a little put out to find us there and annoyed by my questions, but he fed us and we got to know his story. Fed up by the other fire giants (he was NOT impressed when we told him about the Vonendod) he came up here to purify himself as one would purify a blade. Once he is ready he will forge something out of this perfect specimen of meteoric iron which he showed us. He doesn’t know what it will be yet. We told him where we are going, and he seemed a little wistful. We wished each other luck.

Day 197) 24 Uktar, 1490 DR

Not much happened since Evermelt. Every day blurs into the next. At one point we sighted Ice Claw, and she dropped the skeletal hand of Dethen. We picked it up, just in case we can use it later to help her. This whole time my dreams got worse, and I saw an underwater city being destroyed by a storm. At one point we were forced to fight three frost giants, but any others we ran into we avoided. We also avoided, by mutual agreement, babarians of Bear tribe one day, and of the Elk tribe the next. We also saw reindeer, and naturally fought a couple of yeti on the way up.

But now we are finally here. The Eye of the All Father is an ancient temple, massive beyond comprehension, with giant statues all around. We’re taking a break undercover before heading in. We’re almost ready. One concerning note however: why are there human footprints here?


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