The Diary of Genora Amcathra: Storm King’s Thunder Part 19, Blaze of Glory

Day 210) 6 Nightal, 1490 DR

We left Halani at home learning all the spells in various books and scroll we had found on our adventures, and we went to the house of the Roaringhorns to ask about the fate of Sirac Cimber. When we got there, a party was in full swing. Zelraun Roaringhorn was in a rather elaborate satyr costume, but as soon as I mentioned the son of Artus Cimber, he became serious. He told us that Sirac was all right, that Artus and the ring of winter were nowhere to be found, and he gave us some healing potions, animal friendship potions, and choking and sneezing dust to aid us on our journey. Back at home now, Halani is still swotting! I contacted Harriana to see if she wanted to join us and she said she’ll be in Mirabar tomorrow.

Day 211) 7 Nightal, 1490 DR

I’m still fuming, so let’s see if writing helps me figure out how I’m feeling. We teleported to Mirabar today and met up with Harriana. Over dinner we discussed what we should do next. I offered up chasing down a local criminal we had heard of, or questioning Khaspere Drylund, or going straight to Sansuri’s castle above the Evermoors. People mostly agreed we should teleport to Yartar, interrogate Khaspere to see if he had anything to do with the death of my mother, and then from there go into the Evermoors. But Umbero started arguing with me and saying I was trying to avoid things. I don’t know what his problem is! I’m still angry at him…

Day 212) 8 Nightal, 1490 DR

We got into Yartar today, all set up for the interrogation with stored thought detection spells. I still can’t quite believe what happened. As soon as we got into Khaspere’s office, I asked him if he had gotten his pet octopus from the Whalebones islands. He said no, but I could feel a faint panic in his mind. So I went on the full attack and when he asked if I was here representing House Amcathra, I said I was representing the Storm King. He panicked and as I probed his mind, I felt repelled by another presence. He managed to spill out to us that he hadn’t meant to do it, and that my father the Storm King is on a ship called the Morkoth somewhere on the Trackless Sea.

As soon as he told us this, he died. I could feel it happening to him: the dark presence in his mind corrupted him from within. We started shrieking and pretending we were just innocent socialites who had witnessed a non-magical stroke. One of his bodyguards interrogated us, but my protection against thought detection saved me from giving the game away.

Tomorrow we set out for the Evermoors still, because we need to get one of the giant conches and take that to my father once we make it to him.

Day 222) 18 Nightal, 1490 DR

I’m numb. I don’t know if I can carry on, but I’ll try.

We walked into Calling Horns six days ago and Tamalyn was happy to host us again. She said the troll activity had died down somewhat. Three days after that, we ran into a small army of them deep in the Evermoors, but we were able to buy our lives.

Not so yesterday. We had been walking towards the distant spectre of Sansuri’s castle, watching the massing storm clouds and sometimes losing view of the castle and where we knew it to be. As we reached the point where we decided to fly up, suddenly the clouds broke open to reveal a gigantic blue dragon. Iymrith. She swooped down and attacked. It was… more than we could handle. I shudder to think that we have to take her down at some point. How? How can we even manage? Especially now that… I dread to write it. It will be true if I write it, truer than I currently think it to be. Harshnag stood his ground and made us run. Aukanthi and Umbero dragged me away. Harshnag wrestled the dragon. We lost sight of him. I don’t even know… but he must be gone.

Image result for blue dragon 5e

Blue Dragon (3e)

After a sleepless night, the clouds have passed. We can see Sansuri’s castle above and no blue dragon in sight. We have to carry on. I don’t know how I can without Harshnag.

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