The Diary of Genora Amcathra: Storm King’s Thunder Part 20, Jailbreak

Day 222) 18 Nightal, 1490 DR, Continued

With heavy hearts we cast flying spells and tried to sneak between the clouds, but we were spotted by the giant and aaracokra guards of Sansuri’s castle. We decided to just go straight up and try and bluff our way into the throne room. We were escorted by Cressero, a cloud giant. Harriana whispered in my ear, “toy boy!”. Maybe? Probably. When we met Sansuri, I agreed with Harriana. Sansuri held up an elegant mask and asked why we were here. When we said it was about the bellowing that could be heard for miles around, she accused us of sneaking, which I tried to bluff my way out of. I grew tired quickly of her stubborn responses to all of my attempts at diplomacy, so I just straight out said that I wanted the conch so I could rescue the Storm King. That was not enough to sway her, so she had Cressero escort us out.

Source: Wizards (Storm King’s Thunder Campaign Guide)

Back in one of the long hallways we told Cressero we would teleport out instead of flying. But as Halani and I started reading the invisibility spell, he realised it was an illusion spell and attacked. We had him down before he could let off a warning (in fact, Aukanthi near killed him with Zymorven’s giant slaying sword, but Harriana and I quickly stabilised him) and had to fight the attendant air elementals he had around him.

Before we set off to explore we hid Cressero by changing him into a bug, moving him out of the way, and pouring invisibility potion down his throat. Then we all became invisible ourselves and started to explore. After a few dead ends Aukanthi said he reckoned the bellowing had been coming from the floors below. Lucky for us, the alarm for Cressero being missing actually coincided so neatly with our sneaking, that Sunsuri came out and we snuck through the door right behind her! We explored the throne room’s level of the castle, and finally on that level we found what we were looking for.

In the first part of the caged rooms were the griffon cages. They were all out now, probably flying around searching for us. We agreed to try and see if we could free them later. Then we went through to the final room of cages… where a bronze dragon was chained and muzzled! We freed him using a giant key we found in another room nearby and healed him. His name was Falgalos and he was eager to help us get out and see if we could free the griffons to. As we went to leave the room four cloud giants attacked. Let’s just say with Falgalos’s help, it all went very fast. I can’t say smooth though. Falgalos is very clumsy. Half the time his wings bashed us over where we stood. Also at one point Aukanthi’s sword went flying and nearly took Ninya out. Weird.

We charged out of the castle to smash the ballistae and more cloud giants in the courtyard. Meanwhile Halani talked to the griffons and convinced them to fly with us to Fireshear, to Dashara’s sanctuary. The giants defeated, we flew around the main tower, trying to peek in windows to see if we could spot the magical conch of the Storm King. We didn’t see that, but we did see Sansuri glaring at us through an angry mask. All her giants were fleeing in fear, and Falgalos was gone now. She had been torturing him to find the location of some great dragon magic hoard (he had no idea about it!). Her power crushed, she watched us fly away into the clouds.

Source: Wizards (Storm King’s Thunder Campaign Guide)

Day 229) 25 Nightal, 1490 DR

Finally got to Fireshear. Between now and the last time we visited it had been attacked by frost giants, but Dashara’s sanctuary was fine. Falgalos left us there. Dashara agreed to open up negotiations with Laeral again for griffons to live in Waterdeep once more. She also told us she would give us a lift to the Sea of Moving Ice if we wanted to take on the frost giants. So I guess that’s what we’re doing tomorrow! Only two chances left to get the magical conch…

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