The Diary of Genora Amcathra: Storm King’s Thunder Part 21, Svardborg? Too easy!

Day 243) 9 Hammer, 1491 DR

We spent three days training with Dashara to ride griffons, and then we set out on the long flight to Ironmaster. The only things of note that happened on our way were that there was a snowstorm, so travel took much longer than expected, and we spotted orcs once, and the griffons had fun dive-bombing them. Every night we slept in our Instant Fortress. Such a useful little item! Also useful to us has been the fire rune of the giants, which Ninya holds onto even now and shivers despite it! She seems the worst affected of us all by the cold. What’s the point of all that fur then?

We had to camp outside of Ironmaster for five days until they noticed us, but even once they did, their advice was not great. They suggested the three day flight to Ice Peak island to ask the locals there. So we started out, but then the next day we spotted an ice giant ship heading out from the north west. We decided to chance it and head that way. And now, three days later, we are sitting on a nearby island, hopefully hidden by the snowstorm. We will storm the great iceberg fortress we can see on the horizon tomorrow.

Source: Wizards (Storm King’s Thunder Campaign Guide)


Day 245) 11 Hammer, 1491 DR

I write to you in an inn in Mirabar. Our quest was successful and we teleported straight back to civilization only an hour or so ago. It is so nice to write this next to the fireplace with a warm meal in my belly.


Yesterday we got up early and flew over to Svardborg, landing on the most secluded outward dock we could find. Dashara left with the griffons. We gave her the Instant Fortress to see her and the griffons safely home. She was extremely grateful for that, but at the same time couldn’t help a wry smile when I told her she could give it back to me when we met in Waterdeep.

Once she left we crept into a nearby drydock housing a very old ship. It had signs of human habitation! So we hid behind some barrels and sent Umbero, invisible and flying, out to scout. That morning he found these important things: there were barbarians working for the giants in the centre of the iceberg fortress, which acted as a little harbour for the giant ships, and he was able to map out for us the different buildings, which ones looked important and which ones were completely empty.

When it was lunchtime the humans came in. Halani and I listened in on their conversation with a spell of comprehending languages. After listening we decided they were too chummy with the giants, and probably had made an alliance, so we would find no help there. Once their lunch break ended we left the drydock and went to the other side of the island, where there were the ruined remains of one of the mighty buildings, enough for us to squeeze into and shelter for a sleep before our nighttime assault.

We rose around three hours to midnight and flew straight through the window of the highest building, believing the height would mean it was the most important building. Inside was a giant owl, which, when Halani cast a spell of speaking with animals, told us it was Storvald the chief’s pet and he would tell him once he came back. Once we realised help was not at hand for the caged owl, we forgot about him and set to unthawing the various chests and boxes around and seeing what we could find. We found the corpse of a dwarf. We had to put her back in the chest as we had no means of resurrecting her, but we took the potions of diminution and frost giant strength she had on her. We also found 60 vials of alchemist fire, which we put in our bag of holding, and some kind of dwarven metal contraption… Harriana believes when we get back to Waterdeep we should construct it and she thinks it will be a pony!

Peeking downstairs, we saw giants and wolfs, but we also saw a throne and a shelf of trophies. So we sent invisible, flying Umbero down to investigate. He avoided the giants and in a few minutes returned. Imagine my surprise and delight when he gave into my hands, becoming visible as it left his hand, the conch to take us to the Storm court!

Source: Wizards (Storm King’s Thunder Campaign Guide)

Day 252) 16 Hammer, 1491 DR

Back in Mirabar again. Took a few days in the north to give Dashara a chance to get to Waterdeep on her own steam. Meanwhile we decided to travel down to Xanthar’s Keep and seek out the criminal known as the Weevil. On the way down we managed to scare off some crag cats that nearly attacked, but not so the orcs, who we made short work of.

When we got to Xanthar’s Keep, well, looking back I could just kick myself. When we got there we stabled our horses at the inn and I just got this funny feeling from the dwarf in the stable. But being polite, I didn’t want to interrogate him then and there, so we went in for dinner. The next thing I know, our peaceful evening is interrupted by a raid! We went out to help but the lord said he could handle it. In fact he was right. It was a strangely small force of ogres and goblins. This made us suspicious, so we investigated, but couldn’t find anything until after the raid, when we saw that the stable dwarf was missing. We decided to get on the road again at once. We got lost in the night though, so we had to leave it til daylight.

Two days out of Xanthar’s Keep we found the camp. It was ogres, goblins, and a giant who had captured the Weevil! I went in to them to converse, and the goblins nearly attacked, but Umbero and Halani intimidated them with a fireball bursting in the sky above them. The frost giant leading them came out of his tent and spoke with us. I wanted to know how a giant really thought he could go into Mirabar, a dwarven city, and claim a bounty! When we said all we wanted was a conversation in exchange for the Weevil, and that we’d give him the full bounty immediately, he was confused but gave us a meal and talked with us anyway. His name is Kaltivar and he is an exile from the frost giants. He works as a mercenary and has actually been able to make money and feed his ragtag band.

After the interesting meal and conversation, we teleported back to Mirabar and handed in the Weevil to the authorities. Made no profit from the transaction besides a nice chat, but that’s all I really care for anyway.

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