The Diary of Genora Amcathra: Storm King’s Thunder Part 23, Deadstone Cleft

Day 315) 18 Ches, 1491 DR

We took ourselves to Deadstone Cleft to speak with the stone giants and try to find a resolution to the situation there. I say we, I mean just me and the small folk, as all my giant buddies had other missions to run off to.

We teleported directly into the valley of the stone giants, and were soon attacked by the mighty Jotunglang, an enormous Roc, as we tried to approach. We tried to convince it of our good intent, but it was too well trained. A human barbarian woman came rushing towards us with two bears. Then a stone giant came out of the cave system. I told him we were here from the Storm Court and wanted to learn about the stone giant religion. Unconvinced, he began to attack, so I pulled out my trump card long before I wanted to, and turned into my giant form. That changed his mind quickly, and he went back inside to go and inform the Thane of our presence.

Knowing this would take forever, we had a look around while we waited. I spoke with the woman who had come out, who was now surrounded by her tribe. I tried to find out more about their co-habitation with the stone giants, and how it could be that they were allowed to have stone and metal weapons. I thought the stone giants were against anything being taken out of the earth. This confused them a little, so I left it there.

Next I tried to investigate the huge, ancient stone giants who were a part of the mountainside itself. As soon as I touched the one nearest me, I heard a voice on the wind saying “The words of … are lies, … has been misled.” I was worried about this. I felt like the giants in the mountain were shouting about falsehoods, and there being some kind of deceiver. Aukanthi wondered if they were calling me deceiver. Harriana instead suspected Thane Kayalithica of being the deceiver. Halani instead wondered if it was the god Scoreus Stonebones who was the deceiver. She also pointed out that the actions that the god seemed to be driving them to were weirdly selfless, that they were not raising the stone giants in the Ordning, unlike every other clan of giants had been trying. We considered going onto the spirit plane to investigate, but we decided to try the physical plane first.

It was taking far too long, so we explored some more, and in giant form, I let everyone ride on me as I waded through the ravine. At the very end we found a statue of Scoreus Stonebones under a waterfall, and two stone giants praying. They were uneasy at first, but I managed to reassure them. I explained I was not here to destroy them but to understand what was going on. They were unsure about the commands of the god and their Thane, and more willing than others of their kind to have a reconciliation with me. Together we prayed, and then they directed me to the bridge of stone above which led to the temple where Kayalithica only was allowed.

102960320-5.jpg (1117×1536)

Source: Wizards

I flew up and left my friends on the bridge, forbidding them to come any further. I went to the very edge of the temple grounds and told Kayalithica, shouting, that I did not want to come in and profane sacred ground, but I must speak with her. She melded with the stone and spoke to me outside the temple, denying me as queen. I decided to head in.

When I came in, she was writing questions to the god on a giant stalactite called the Steinfang. All over the walls I could see the questions of the Thanes down the eons, and the answers of the god. She stopped writing and with a spell of thought detection applied, I asked her whether she was the deceiver, or the deceived. She was so offended. Her rage was real, and so the truth had to be that the writing on the stone was the deceiver. Our tussle began. She woke an ancient stone giant off the wall, and it attacked me. I was sad to attack it back, but it was a soulless husk, so I destroyed it. Then I focussed on her. She was fighting smart, melding with the stone and making hit and run attacks. So I went to the Steinfang and started trying to write on it. This drew her out, and as we wrestled, I killed her.

I brought her out into the waterfall, and before the gathered audience I placed her in the pool and raised her from the dead. She denied me again, so again I killed her, and brought her back. Finally, she accepted I was the queen, but still there remained the question of what the god was saying.

ff045529613baf596d1c01b35eb55ad7.jpg (236×324)

Source: Wizards

Together we meditated on the problem in the temple. Gazing at the scrawls on the wall, I realised that the god always took the most violent option in responding to questions, and this was not necessarily the best thing in the interests of the stone giants. I wanted to prove he was not omniscient, and therefore not the god. Seeing one prophecy, I came up with an idea.

It said “Is the gnome lying to us about Loudwater’s defences?” and the answer was Yes.

I wrote “Is the elf lying to us about Waterdeep’s defences?” and we left it there. A few days later the answer was there. Yes. It was proved. Whatever was masquerading as the god was lying, did not know that I was making something up, and was leading the stone giants to ruin. Kayalithica broke the Steinfang in her rage, and finally pledged loyalty to me. So strong is her desire for redemption that she will fight by my side in the final battle against Iymrith.

It will be soon. We have returned to Maelstrom, and we are finalising our battle plans.

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