White Rabbit: Royal Scheduler available now!

I am pleased to announce the release of SkyBearGames’ second major game, White Rabbit: Royal Scheduler, available on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1238710/White_Rabbit_Royal_Scheduler/ and itch.iohttps://skybeargames.itch.io/white-rabbit-royal-scheduler

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The four nations of Wonderland meet every year to agree on shared policies and enact their various schemes against each other. There are personal vendettas to resolve and enchantments hidden everywhere, and did someone mention the dreaded Alice? You are the White Rabbit, and your job is to organise the schedule for the annual summit. Every decision you make affects the destiny of Wonderland!

Will the King of the barbaric desert of Clubs declare active war on the pastoral paradise of Hearts? Will Prince John of the psychedelic land of Spades be able to elope with Princess Julie of the wealthy Diamond nation – two nations that are deadly enemies? What’s up with the King and Queen of Spades’s weird marriage? Does the King of Hearts suspect his loyal Duke Jorge of having an affair with his wife? Explore this and much more as you negotiate the likes and dislikes of the twelve guests of the summit.

– lots of replayability with 42 achievements, 14 characters, and 25000+ words in almost 3000 lines of dialogue – each playthrough only reveals at most 1/12th of the whole fabric of the story
– gallery with 24 pieces of unlockable art
– choose between simple choice menu for first time players, and the drag and drop choice menu for the power players, with randomizer, repeat and reset functions
– player codex containing unlockable information about characters’ relationships, secrets, motivations, and player goals and event history

ALSO! Prince of Cats is available as part of the amazing itch.io Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality https://itch.io/b/520/bundle-for-racial-justice-and-equality . I cannot recommend this bundle enough! Over 1000 games, assets, zines and more for $5, and for a good cause. Please check it out, and if you must prioritise buying one thing over another, get this bundle before you get White Rabbit 🙂

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