Dev blog #16 – Refactor Yesterday

A lot has happened this week!


Gosh, where do I start? I’ve been shilling on instagram like mad every day to promote our stand at Armageddon. I was proofreading and editing the introductory guide at least twice a day every day last week, until finally, yesterday, I sent off the booklet for printing, along with the posters for the stand. And the stickers! Those were the subject of a instagram campaign, as seen below. You’ll get to know the outcome all in good time 🙂

So what’s next? Well, there are lots of little things that we need to do over the next three weeks. Get more materials for the stand (e.g. dice, pens), sort out the weekend campaign, pre-generated characters etc…. but it’s not nearly as stressful as the printing prep. So I am switching focus to our next promotional venture: a livestreamed actual play. James is going to be the player, and I am going to GM for him, in Apprentices of Tirenia! I’ll post a link up when that’s a thing.


Lots of work here too. Translators are working hard on the games, and I had to struggle with some unexpected problems:

  1. The built-in dialogue extractor missed a bunch of special custom screens I wrote
  2. Because it sorted alphabetically by file, the dialogue was sorted in a non-narrative way, which is not great when you’re translating, and context is a big piece of the puzzle!
  3. Because I was a noob, there was one major code file which was basically backwards. I need to refactor… like yesterday! Thankfully that one was in Prince of Cats (or should I say The Nine Lives of Nim, as I announced the renaming recently on Steam and Itch) and the code hasn’t been sent yet, so I have time to tidy it up before any other devs have to see it. Thank goodness. Like the meme I posted a while ago… don’t even look at my garbage!!!


All things going well, we’ll have an interesting interview tomorrow! I look forward to it!

I’m beginning to feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel now that the printing prep is over. Here’s hoping I am right!

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