The Final Chapter of Street Rat is out now

A little under a year ago I was playing around on Itch, exploring what it had to offer and trying to figure out how I wanted to engage with it. I found the Game Jams and I got a wee bit addicted , signed up to a bunch I never completed, but there was one I really stuck with for the whole year. Each month, there was a themed jam for Bitsy, a small HTML game maker. I decided to tell a three act story with it in twelve parts. I’ve learnt a lot about being flexible within the constraints of a platform in order to tell the story I want to tell. I usually had an idea of where the chapter would go next, but the month’s theme would then sway that idea either completely, or just in a little way. For this twelfth episode, the word ‘Candles’ made me think of the room pictured below, and inspired the entire ending, so that’s the sort of sway the themes had on me. Meanwhile, even once I had the theme and my story, the other thing that would sway, or even completely change what I made as the final game was the restrictions of the platform itself. You have to be careful with only three colours to work with. You have to be clever about how you make locked doors when the platform itself has no support for it (except they added support for it halfway through the year [too late for Episode 1, of course!]). So all in all, I have no regrets about my time with Bitsy, but I am looking forward to not stressing out about it every month and just focusing on the upcoming re/releases. Please enjoy the final chapter, and I recommend replaying the first eleven first if you have the time:

And by the way, the ending you get could affect our long-term campaign, so I am keen to hear what happens to you if you play it!

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