Dragons of Despair – a new entry in the Dragonlance saga, or a reboot?

We have more Dragonlance news!

There is a press release here on enworld.org which says that for the first time in a decade, there will indeed be a new Dragonlance novel, as we have been speculating for the last couple of months! Written by the original authors Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, the book will apparently be called Dragons of Despair.

This adds a lot more fuel to the fires of our speculation! We’ve been wondering for a while now whether the rumoured novel would be a reboot, or a fresh entry following on chronologically from where the last novels left off. While a large part of us feels like surely they wouldn’t do a reboot, the name “Dragons of Despair” is actually the name of the first adventure module of the original Dragonlance run! So… maybe it is a reboot after all?

This could be a welcome opportunity to change some of the more egregiously 80s things that were in the original series (a whole race of dwarves with learning difficulties that are the butt of every joke, for example). That idea also gives credence to the rumour that Weis and/or Hickman got upset over changes they were being asked to make, with some sources alleging that they were upset with the “PC” direction Wizards of the Coast were asking them to take.

Whatever the truth of that situation was, we’re glad that the novel is going ahead. James has been a huge fan since a very young age, and since talking about it here and on our podcast, many other people have commented to say it was a big part of their lives too. So for everyone’s sake, we’re hoping this will be exciting, regardless of which direction they are taking.

What do you reckon? Would you prefer a reboot, or a continuation of existing continuity? Let us know here, or hit us up on our Twitter where we are also discussing Dragonlance a lot. And there’s also our Discord too!

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