Dev blog #33 – Lots of movement, plus Dragonlance news!

Since we seem to have become the Dragonlance news blog, let’s cover that first, shall we? Something new and interesting has been revealed that complicates our theories further. Remember how last time we thought perhaps they might be going back in the timeline? Well our suspicions are even stronger now that we see the title of the new series is Classic Dragonlance. There are also rumours of a new female protagonist! What could it all mean? Well, we’re excited to find out eventually.

Source: the public Facebook account of Tracy Hickman

In Sky Bear Games news, this week James got back on the writing horse and has reached the whopping total of 87,000 words out of his (completely arbitrary) 100K goal for the first major release of Dragons of Tirenia.

As for me, nothing new on the White Rabbit front, but Grand Vision have been back in touch with me and the Nine Lives translation will be ready to work with on Tuesday!! So I am hauling butt now to get the extra work I wanted to put in Nine Lives done, particularly any extra strings that will need translation. The quality improvements I am working on will improve the gameplay for the English language players too. I intend to make the tutorial a lot smoother and a bit quicker, improve the functionality of the menus, add in extra events that reward you for working on certain stats, and to make the hidden stats of Public Opinion and Connection to Faerie a little less obscured.

We had a great time recording our last podcast with the Bundle Buddies, so please check that out, or better yet check their podcast out. They are laugh out loud funny! More episodes of both podcasts coming out soon.

Right, back to work!!

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