Dev blog #45 – A Short One

Hey folks, just a short one today as I am writing from my phone and I hate doing that. I always told people I wanted to stick to the big chunky number buttons on phones for writing, even if it meant more key presses. Now I’m stuck in the age of smartphones with my fat fingers and way less control over my spelling mistakes. Progress!

I’ve been having an absolutely lovely time with my family on this mini holiday, but today was just the start of the conference, so I will have way more to say next week. Today I attended two workshops at the NZ Games Festival. The first was How to not Suck at Selling Games with Tim Ponting which was a real eye opener and perhaps too confronting for a first session for someone like me with massive impostor syndrome? But seriously no, it was great and has given me lots to think about. I haven’t digested it all yet. The second was Boost your Leadership Skill Tree with Jess Woodward who is an old friend of mine, and it was great to see her in her element. I learnt a lot of new frameworks for communication and thinking about working relationships from her, and it really helped me actually sort through a lot of lingering concerns I’ve had over things I have seen in the workplace in my various careers! Again, more in detail on that next week!

And I got the NZGF pins to add to my funky businesswoman jacket

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