Dev blog #48 – Live from the plaguehouse

I had a moment where I was like… what have I done this week that I can talk about? And then I remembered, oh yeah! In the few times where I haven’t felt too sick, I have been able to get some bug fixing and testing in for the re-release of Nine Lives! It’s actually going really well. Have I said this before… I dunno, I’m too drugged up on cold medication, but I have got permission to release the Simplified Chinese translation myself, and so I will be QAing that seperately from the voice acting release with some help and releasing it when it’s ready. But the voice acting release… I still feel too sick and unsure of my availability to promise when it will come out 😦 I wanna say…. one more month at the latest. I haven’t finished writing the full test plan yet but we’re talking at least 32 more playthroughs before I can fully sign off on this! At least those playthroughs take 30-40 minutes each 🙂

Ooh, a different language menu screen ^_^

By golly I am ready for Nine Lives to be done! I can’t wait to work on Her Jentle Hi-ness instead.

Before I lost my voice a couple of days ago James and I managed to pre-record some podcast episodes, so those are ready to go for the rest of May, which should help me focus on Nine Lives I hope!

While we are recovering from our colds, we’ve been trying to relax with a bit of Pokemon Shield for me, and Zelda Ocarina of Time for James, or sometimes he flicks through his Legend of the Five Rings card collection and thinks about making a new cube. Hasn’t been the most relaxing time though while our child has been sick at the same time!

Remember to check out my pokemon blog over here:

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