Dev blog #49 – Getting back on track

Phew! I’m mostly over the cold now, as is the rest of my household. The title refers to that, and also to the fact that the Nine Lives of Nim regression testing is going very smoothly. It looks like I’ll be finishing around the June 11th mark, unless I somehow get a bunch of free time in the next four weeks. Only 36 test runs left out of 46!

One of the things that is biting into my time a little, but I feel is worth it, is the Indie Game Showcase on Saturday 29th May at the Wynyard Quarter in Auckland. Come along if you can, as it’s sure to be quite interesting. I’m going to be bringing Her Jentle Hi-ness to get some feedback on it.

All the little things in the background continue as usual: the podcast, James working on Dragon Princes, the Pokemon Time Capsule Blog. Sorry that there isn’t more to really remark on this week. It’s really just head down and working time for now!

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