Dev blog #51 – Little bugs, big fun

Since the re-release of Nine Lives, a Twitter friend of mine let me know about two bugs they found. One, it seems that the Achievements page in the menu has been wiped at some point, though when it comes to Steam all the achievements are still unlocked there. Very strange! It shouldn’t be possible! I will have to investigate further. And two, it seems like some of the images in the Steam store still have Prince of Cats as the title. That should hopefully be easy to fix if I just have a dig around in Steamworks.

So otherwise, the voice release went off without a hitch!

The big fun thing that happened this week was the Indie Game Showcase. I took along Her Jentle Hi-ness and stood there nervously waiting for things to happen. But then people started to play, and some people even laughed at every line of text! I got to meet:

– the guys from [Sample Text] Studios whose game Frame of Mind is the one I raved about on the Pavs reviews podcast episode, the winner of the Student Slice. They all made the time to come and play my game and send their friends to it, and I got some real good reviews and pointers from them
– Cynthia from TL-Tonic, whose game Ten Thousand Coins I was alpha testing for a little bit at the end of last year, and she was there with her game Kunekune Shopkeeper which is CUTE AS HECK
– Nam, whose game Darkness and Haven was a project for his university (Masters I believe? Or was it doctorate?) and for a game about depression, the script was funny as all heck!
– I met the guy who makes the Scorpion Engine for Amiga – you can build games to play on old Amiga hardware, or an emulator if that’s not an option
– An awesome team of three students from the Media Design School who made a game caled Cybr in just two weeks! Couldn’t find any links, sorry.
shadestagramm, whose name I did not catch, but we had a cool conversation about the different directions that we came at game development from

There were lots more people there who I didn’t get a chance to meet, and I didn’t even get the chance to try any VR, or the game Denari which was there and I really wanted to play it ever since the Pavs. Big thanks to Coby and all the others at GridAKL and the associated people who made the day happen. I had an amazing time. Here is the one photo I remembered to take:

If you missed out, don’t worry! I’d still love to hear your opinion, and reward you with a credit as an early tester. Please try the game here: and answer the survey questions here:

Over the weekend James had his mates around to play the next installment of his Dragons of Tirenia: Ruins of Auromia campaign. He’s maybe two sessions from finishing? Then we might be playing another one with me involved. You can see his session reports (eventually) here:

Also, just on a personal note here, I am raising funds for health services for the LGBTQIA+ Community right now at: . Please consider donating!

See ya next week πŸ™‚ it will have been a year! Time for a retrospective probably πŸ˜›

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