Dev blog #52 – Interest from many angles

Good morning! What an interesting little week it has been. There has been growing interest in Sky Bear Games in a few different directions:

  • With the Indie Bundle for Palestinian Aid, which you should totally buy by the way, because it’s 1000+ games for $5 and for a good cause! White Rabbit’s Diary has been getting more play, but even more than that, the Dragons of Tirenia adventure Double Cross has been getting HEAPS of attention. And this has spurred James into wanting to release a small adventure module as a follow-up, so watch this space!
  • A group of LARPers in USA is going to be trying out Royal Flush next month, the award-winning LARP which was the ancestor of White Rabbit’s Diary. The guy running it has been in contact with me. So thrilled to hear that other people are getting to enjoy my old work! I still love this LARP and I really should run it again someday!
  • I’m getting emails every now and again asking about the possibility of collaborating over porting my games to console… and to those I have to say sorry, I’m already working on that with Ratalaika Games! But it’s nice to have the interest shown anyway.

Like I said, James is getting a lot more attention now with the inclusion in the bundle and a sudden influx of people interested in Dragons of Tirenia. There is some work to be done between the two of us, but we are reconfiguring our plans for this so we can respond more dynamically to the needs of the people showing interest. Expect to see a lot more smaller releases to drum up awareness and build a loyal fanbase for our work before the eventual Kickstarter. We’re going to kick that process off with a follow-up small guide and adventure module along the same lines as Double Cross, this time with an adventure we have been refining for the last two and half years, Death of an Artist. For more specific updates, check out my update here on

I’ve been watching the Freeplay Independent Games Festival talks this week, starting yesterday. It’s over in Melbourne, but they are in lockdown right now sadly, so it is all online! Check it out over here if you’re interested:

I’m honestly so excited about the potential in Dragons of Tirenia right now that I don’t really know what else to say! Sorry I am so back and forth in this blog post. Too much coffee! But other than that, this week I have been tidying up a few things with Nine Lives, such as updating the Steam library assets (the pictures you see when Nine Lives is in your Steam library), adding to the Chinese test build, and trying to fix a possible bug (see here if you want to follow along with it, it’s a real mystery!)

I guess since this is the 52nd dev blog, I should do a little year retrospective now! So what has happened this past year?

  • June – started this blog and the podcast, released Wonderland Nights: White Rabbit’s Diary
  • August – made contact with Ratalaika Games about translations and ports, and was contacted by Grand Vision about Chinese versions
  • October – ran our stall at Armageddon, released the Dragons of Tirenia Double Cross module and the White Rabbit’s Diary voice acting update
  • December – released the Chinese version of White Rabbit’s Diary
  • April – won the Excellence in Narrative Pav!
  • May – released The Nine Lives of Nim: Fortune’s Fool with full voice acting, took part in the Indie Game Showcase

Wow, what a year! No wonder I’m feeling a little bit stressed out right now!!!

I’ll wrap up with a quick mention of my tumblr blog, and share my Pride Month mood board, which is VERY nerdy indeed!

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