Podcast Episode #32: All About Dragons of Tirenia

Have you got questions about our RPG setting, Dragons of Tirenia? You’re not alone! Even our personal friends have said, Hey, what’s that thing you’re always going on about? So here is a podcast episode that goes into our development of the setting since starting in 2014, all the way up to future plans we have for supplements, adventures, and related media.


If you enjoyed this episode, let us know! We might just do a lore episode if this one proves popular.

The pictures below are referenced in the episode:

Podcast Episode 31: An Introduction to Planescape

Omigosh, we’re baaaaack! Is this like Season 2?? Check it out here: https://www.spreaker.com/user/12734732/ep31final

In this episode, we catch up quickly at the start and then launch into our introduction into Planescape. It’s such a huge setting that we’re going to do more in-depth episodes in a little while. We end with the Top 5 Recommendations for Planescape books, which, as you might expect, became a Top 11. Speaking of which, here are the links for our recommendations:

Podcast episode: Interview with composer Michaela Cornelius of Mikatte Music

Today we interview the composer of the music for the next Sky Bear Games major release, Her Jentle Hi-ness, who is Michaela Cornelius of mikattemusic.com . We ask her about her background, creative process, favourite game soundtracks, and talk generally about games she enjoys. Also featured are short clips of three of her songs from Her Jentle Hi-ness, in order: Royal, Tavern, and Quiet ambience.

Unfortunately we did have to cut a fair bit of stuff towards the end as our mic started to cut in and out. Such are the woes of recording while our sleeping child is in the house, and we’re stuck with him full time in lockdown!

Check it out here: https://www.spreaker.com/episode/46215728

Podcast Episode 29: In Defence of Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition

In this episode we discuss a heartfelt defence of D&D 4th Edition, and James gives his Top 10(+) books (see the list below). What do you reckon? Agree/disagree? Hit us up! Check out the episode here: https://www.spreaker.com/episode/45945039

Books recommended:
Heroes of the Feywild
The Planes Above
The Planes Below
The Neverwinter Campaign Setting
The Dark Sun Campaign Setting and Creature Catalogue
Monster Vault 1 and 2
Vor Rukoth
Madness at Gardmore Abbey
Reavers of Harkenwold
Dungeon Master’s Guide 1 and 2
Also mentioned: Hamlet’s Hitpoints

Podcast Episode 28: Reviewing Magic the Gathering: Dungeons and Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms

Bleh, what a bad title… And that should be a pretty good indicator of how our review goes! Besides the new MtG set, we also take a trip back to the past of terrible D&D card games with Spellfire, Blood Wars and Warlords. Check it out here: https://www.spreaker.com/episode/45853989

The two cards I view from Spellfire in the podcast are these:

Spellfire Ravenloft Strahd Von Zarovich 100/100 | eBay

Podcast episode 27: The Dragonlance Movie, the D&D Movie, and what makes a good game movie?

Apologies for being a week later everyone! The struggle has been REAL this past week.

On today’s podcast we have as our guest Ben Moore, tech journalist and school friend of Claire’s. He asked us if he could come on and talk about the Dragonlance movie which James brought up in an earlier episode. What follows is a wild ride! Stick around in the second half to hear James’s hot take on what is actually the move that represents the Dungeons and Dragons experience best.

Find the episode here: https://www.spreaker.com/episode/45589746

All the screenshots mentioned in this episode can be found here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1mLnDvc5eQu7WuYlyaGVbfJAR_h6osU8P?usp=sharing

Podcast Episode 26 – A Year of Sky Bear

Can you believe it has been a year of the Sky Bear Games Podcast? Today in the podcast episode we cover a few good memories, as well as two recent events we attended: a hui at Kura Rēhia and the Auckland Indie Game Showcase.

The episode can be found here.

Links for places/people/games mentioned in the episode:
Kura Rēhia: https://www.facebook.com/kura.rehia/
Indie Game Showcase: https://techweek.co.nz/whats-on/2021/indie-game-showcase-142/
Kaupapa: https://speak.maori.nz/products/kaupapa
Hohi 1816: https://hohi1816.nz/
Her Jentle Hi-ness Prototype: https://skybeargames.itch.io/her-jentle-hi-ness
Frame of Mind: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1485250/Frame_of_Mind/
Ten Thousand Coins: https://www.tenthousandcoins.com/
Namtran-105: https://namtran-105.itch.io/
Scorpion Engine for Amiga: https://www.facebook.com/scorpionengine/
Bundle Buddies: https://twitter.com/bundle_buddies?lang=en
Pokemon Time Capsule: https://pokemontimecapsule.wordpress.com/

Podcast Episode 23: Our recap of the NZ Games Festival

Today we break down Claire’s experience at the NZ Games Festival, with all the workshops and talks, and how it felt to win the Pav for Excellence in Narrative! Listen to the episode here: https://www.spreaker.com/episode/44594024

Note: I forgot to say one name in the podcast because I launched too quickly into the content of the talk, which was Tana Tanoi whose talk was Life in Three Dimensions, about spaces being lived in through the actions players could take.

Also I refer to Rose as the artist and Dave as the proofreader when I mention them at the Pavs, but to clarify, those were their roles on Wonderland Nights. They are even more talented in their full careers! Rose Northey is an illustrator and poet amongst many other things, and Dave Agnew is an editor as well as being a great roleplayer.