Battlecry Report

20150222_123254 So yesterday we went to Battlecry and it was awesome!!! We’re going to do a proper breakdown of our game Long White Cloud in another post soon, but suffice to say that a good time was had by all, and in fact the same people who played our game in the first round wanted to play again in the second round! Everything went really smoothly and James and I are feeling very optimistic! This picture is of us with the prizes that Karen, the organiser, gave to our players: kumara, because the adventure was about the best kumara in the world. Awesome!!

Also, here is our obligatory radswag picture: free dice, the Ghost Stories board game, two D&D 4th ed. books, and a bag of kumara!!!


Battlecry Convention this weekend!

logo So this weekend James and I will be at the Battlecry Convention at the Remuera Bridge Club in Auckland. I’ve been the last two (or was it three?) years, and James has been going since goodness knows when. It’s always a really fun time, so if you’re in the Auckland area you should definitely come along. It’s Saturday and Sunday 21st and 22nd of February, and it’s gold coin entry.

While we’re there James and I intend to mainly showcase our second playtest of our brand new Long White Cloud RPG system, with a whole new adventure. But besides that James might be doing some extra GMing, and we might also showcase our currently unnamed cat themed board game (possibly on the shelves by Christmas, but more on that later, shh!) and our newest concoction, a card game called Let Sleeping Dragons Lie. But we’ll see, we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us.

Hope you can make it!