The Ink Forge Games is tomorrow!!


So James and I are getting all pumped for the first Ink Forge Games convention. It’s an offshoot of Battlecry Convention, which will be held next month. Ink Forge will focus on the creative side of gaming – writers, artists, game designers etc. putting their work on show.

We’re excited to look at the art and games on offer, but especially for a few more reasons:

  • A guy we know is running a game that he made, and we want to play it
  • We want to take along our cat board game to show to board game publishers and hopefully come to a deal
  • On Sunday we are playtesting our new RPG system ‘Long White Cloud’!!

So I’ll write to you this time tomorrow and let you know how it goes!

First post!

Hi everyone, and welcome to Sky Bear Games! We’re excited to be bringing you content from now on, including (but not just the following!) blogs, vlogs, podcasts, and livestreams about games. What kinds of games? Well, games we play, such as video games, card and board games, roleplaying games, and also¬†games we make! We’re working on a couple of projects at the moment, including a board/card game with a cat theme, and a roleplaying tabletop game “Long White Cloud” based on Maori myth and legend. Watch the video for more info, and keep watching this space, because exciting things are coming!