Another Bitsy game jam: Street Rat II

Another month, another monthly Bitsy jam! The adventures of Ratto continue in this instalment. Check it out at:


New game jam entry: Nitelite

I’ve made another game for a game jam, this time for GamesAid Mental Health Jam. It’s very different from anything I’ve made before, and is quite emotional, so only play it if you’re in for a touching, sometimes miserable experience. I made it with Twine, which is an awesome engine which I definitely want to use again!


You can play it here.

Dragon Princes mini-game: Street Rat

So last week I took part in the Bitsy  Rat Jam over on It was my first game jam, and it was harder than I thought! I was learning a new tool  at the same time as designing a game. But I had a lot of fun. They idea from here is to make more episodes in a continuing storyline via the bitsy jams which happen every month.

Play the game here!

PS. I’ve got another major release coming soon. Kickstarter will launch next month!