Dev blog #30 – First week of the new year

What a week! We had a fun time livestreaming LEGO Lord of the Rings, and in the end it was just under 12 hours. In the end we raised $110USD for Project Northmoor. We would have liked to get more attention around the cause, but we made a couple of new friends on the stream, as well as from our #DwarfNameChallenge videos. We’re making a few plans to get into streaming more, but it’s a balance between what we’re interested in streaming, and what people are interested in watching. We had some requests for various Star Wars games though, and that we are happy to do!

Efforts with all our usual projects continue as normal. There is further movement on Wonderland Nights, aside from the success of the Chinese version – the Japanese and Spanish versions are well underway! I have contributed to that a little this week.

I was filled with inspiration last night and came up with lots of ideas for the next game, the one I intend to do for the Nanoreno Game Jam this year. If you listened to the last episode of the podcast, you might remember this as the one with the working title ‘Demon Summoner’. At this stage I am only allowed to write notes to myself to plan the game, and not actually do any creation of code or assets, but I have a good start on the notes. The better my initial design ideas are outlined and laid out clearly, the better the actual design of the game goes – as anyone who works in computer programming knows!

Meanwhile on a personal note, I got back in Pokemon GO this week. Wow, the game has come so far from where it started back in 2016, which was when I last played. There is way more incentive to do just about everything that the game offers. This is good, as I remember getting quickly bored of the first iteration of the game. In general I have been getting back into Pokemon in a big way lately… who knows, maybe I’m going to end up streaming Sword and/or Shield one of these days…

Keep your eyes peeled for another post later this week… James has a review coming up that should be highly entertaining!

LOTR: The Death of Isildur

Well, the title says it all! James did give me a chance, however, to change canon by winning or fleeing. But Isildur got surrounded pretty early on and went down in one round.


An ambush lies ahead!


The Orc captain awaits…


The column advances…


Isildur and the ring sink to the bottom of the Anduin

LOTR: The Last Alliance of Elves and Men

We played Sauron vs. The assembled elves and humans last night. The heroes on the side of good were Isildur, Elendil, Gilgalad and Elrond. We didn’t have a Sauron figure, so… well, you’ll see.


The Last Alliance lines up


Sauron makes his entrance


Orcs clash with elves and men


The heroes face Sauron


Cast the ring into the fire Isildur!

LOTR: Tutorial Shenanigans

Hey all! James introduced me to the LOTR war game recently. He ran me a little tutorial session in which I had to rescue a bunch of besieged elves and humans with Isildur. All the Numenoreans died… Racist elves…


The Numenoreans prepare to defend the hill


The orcs storm the hill


Forget Sauron! What’s that in the sky?


They are coming…


The funeral for the last Numenorean to perish. He died on the last turn!