LOTR: The Death of Isildur

Well, the title says it all! James did give me a chance, however, to change canon by winning or fleeing. But Isildur got surrounded pretty early on and went down in one round.


An ambush lies ahead!


The Orc captain awaits…


The column advances…


Isildur and the ring sink to the bottom of the Anduin

It’s here!!!!!

Cat Capers has arrived in NZ! Hooray! Last night James, Julia and I started mailing and delivering them. We’ll be having a launch party: you’ll get something about that if you backed our PledgeMe campaign. You’ll start to see Cat Capers in stores soon in NZ. So exciting!!!

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LOTR: The Last Alliance of Elves and Men

We played Sauron vs. The assembled elves and humans last night. The heroes on the side of good were Isildur, Elendil, Gilgalad and Elrond. We didn’t have a Sauron figure, so… well, you’ll see.


The Last Alliance lines up


Sauron makes his entrance


Orcs clash with elves and men


The heroes face Sauron


Cast the ring into the fire Isildur!

LOTR: Tutorial Shenanigans

Hey all! James introduced me to the LOTR war game recently. He ran me a little tutorial session in which I had to rescue a bunch of besieged elves and humans with Isildur. All the Numenoreans died… Racist elves…


The Numenoreans prepare to defend the hill


The orcs storm the hill


Forget Sauron! What’s that in the sky?


They are coming…


The funeral for the last Numenorean to perish. He died on the last turn!

D&D: Into the Robe


Source unknown (Pinterest)

Today’s episode: https://archive.org/details/SBGPlaysDDIntoTheRobe

Today’s episode of D&D is just a one hour one-off, in which James improvises a little quest for me so I can create my first uncommon magical item, the Robe of Useful Items. Combat-light, I really enjoyed this one! Here’s what ended up on the robe:

2x dagger
2x bullseye lantern
2x steel mirror
2x 10-foot pole
2x 50-foot rope
2x sack
a riding horse with saddlebags
a silver coffer worth 500 gold
a 24-foot long wooden ladder
20 gems worth 100 gold each
a portable ram
a 10-foot cubed pit
a 10×10-foot iron door
a 2×4-foot window