We open up a Fat Pack!

In preparation to rejig the Khans of Tarkir decks, James and I open up a fat pack of Fate Reforged and find 13 cards we needed! We only need 27 more to finish the whole set. Once James has had a look at what he wants to put in the decks, I’ll post the updated decks up here.

Khans of Tarkir: Our in-house format and the rankings

So when the Magic: The Gathering set “Khans of Tarkir” came out, I (this is Claire writing) was absolutely entranced. And that was rare, because in the past I’ve just been like… Magic cards are a thing, I’m not much into it but I know a lot of people are. So this was something pretty amazing for it to get me hooked.

I don’t know why, there’s just something about the theme that really appealed to me. So I asked James, who has made decks and draft cubes and stuff before what he thought I could do. Once he told me the options, I decided to go in a bit of a different direction and make normal sized 60 card decks, but all the nonland cards would only have one copy in the deck! So kind of like a cross between normal format and the commander format, if you know what I’m talking about.

So below this post I’ve included the deck lists, but I thought it important to give the ranking results from our little home “tournament” we ran a little while ago, especially since we’re about to change the decks up with the new set’s cards and film our tournaments for you.

Last Place: Jeskai. This was really sad because James was really keen on this theme, which is a little bit like eastern kung fu monks with a bit of Avatar The Last Airbender thrown in. However, in the format as I wanted it, the deck was way too weak. Not enough creatures, and not enough damage-dealing creatures at that.

4th Place: Mardu. I was excited to play this deck, but not when I realised how inconsistent it was. Mardu wants to be a rush deck, but it could never pull it off (in the format we used). I really want it to be better, because it has goblins in it.

3rd Place: Temur. This is probably my favourite deck because, being new to Magic, for me it’s the simplest deck. It just goes out there, with big monsters, all stompy. Nothing too tricky. However, it failed a couple of times to pull off its intended stompiness.

2nd Place: Abzan. I enjoyed this deck too, though I think James handled the mechanics better. Funnily enough, we found this deck ridiculously good at being a rush deck, certainly more than Mardu. It definitely gave the 1st place winner a run for its money…

1st Place: Sultai. The clan that’s winning all the major tournaments was also the one winning in our house. It’s got so much to recommend it: it’s good at rushing, delve is a stupidly good mechanic, and all the interaction with the graveyard just really gets under the skin of the opposition.

So we will of course be focusing on fixing the lowest placed decks first when we filter in the new cards. I look forward to bringing those matches to you in video form soon!
– Claire

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