Livestreaming LEGO Lord of the Rings tomorrow!

To celebrate the birthday of JRR Tolkien and raise funds for Project Northmoor, James and I will be playing LEGO Lord of the Rings from start to finish (probably just story mode finish, not 100% collectables completion) on our Twitch channel starting from 10am NZT on Sunday 3rd January. It could go from as little as ten hours, to seventeen, or even longer… So come and join us! We’ll be counting up any swears for the swear jar, and if you challenge resident Middle Earth expert James to a trivia challenge, if he gets it wrong we pay $1, and if he answers then you pay $1 to Project Northwood. Can’t wait to see you there!

Also here are the videos we made to promote this over the last week, if you want to see them 😀

LOTR: The Last Alliance of Elves and Men

We played Sauron vs. The assembled elves and humans last night. The heroes on the side of good were Isildur, Elendil, Gilgalad and Elrond. We didn’t have a Sauron figure, so… well, you’ll see.


The Last Alliance lines up


Sauron makes his entrance


Orcs clash with elves and men


The heroes face Sauron


Cast the ring into the fire Isildur!

LOTR: Tutorial Shenanigans

Hey all! James introduced me to the LOTR war game recently. He ran me a little tutorial session in which I had to rescue a bunch of besieged elves and humans with Isildur. All the Numenoreans died… Racist elves…


The Numenoreans prepare to defend the hill


The orcs storm the hill


Forget Sauron! What’s that in the sky?


They are coming…


The funeral for the last Numenorean to perish. He died on the last turn!